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What Is Gong Meditation and How Is It Practised?

Gong meditation has become increasingly popular over the last few years and it’s easy to see why. Also known as a gong bath, meditation using gongs is unique in many ways. Meditation has always been used throughout the globe and while gong therapy is fairly new, it promotes healing. This is a very basic form of sound therapy and involves bathing you in gong sounds; the vibrations and different gong tones help heal your mind. So, how does gong meditation work, and is it worth trying?

The appeal of sound therapy

Sound therapy has been around for many years and comes in different forms. Doctors have even prescribed it for patients dealing with emotional health problems. Of course, it doesn’t involve you sitting in front of a music player listening to soothing songs. Gong meditation is a form of sound therapy and is widely used to treat many conditions, including depression and stress.

How to practice gong meditation?

Gong baths are nothing like you’d expect. The process involves you lying on a meditation mat with a pillow under your head (and a blanket over you if required). You find a comfortable position on the mat, and then the session begins. The sound therapist would instruct you to close your eyes and relax and different gong sounds and vibrations are used. The gong will begin at a low level then the volume will increase slightly as the session progresses, with the purpose of healing via the sound.

Gong meditation uses different sounds so that no rhythm is created in the mind. The aim is to stimulate the auditory senses that allow you to relax. Eventually, you will reach a deep hypnosis or meditation state.

What benefits do you get from a gong bath?

Gone meditation is incredibly useful for the mind and body. A gong bath can offer many benefits, such as relieving tension and stress. You often find you’re able to reach a greater state of relaxation which can be important for the mind. It blocks out worries that are constantly bringing your mental health down while improving your overall well-being. Gong baths can rebalance your body’s energy.

Is sound therapy worth trying?

There are many forms of sound therapy and gong meditation is just one of them. While it might be a bit strange at first, it does have its uses. For instance, if you were struggling to cope with daily stress, sound therapy could help. You might be able to relax more and find greater inner peace. This lets you tackle a fresh day with greater confidence and ease.

Finding a suitable outlet for relaxation

It’s incredibly difficult to let go of stress and anxiety. We live in a fast-paced society and there is a great demand to be the best we can be. Gong baths can be beneficial to your health and well-being. You can find a safe outlet to release anger through sound therapy, as well as find a way to rebalance your energy. Gong meditation is a great idea and may help you too.

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