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Traditional Yoga Studio

Breeze Yoga Offers Online, Streaming & In-Studio Hot Yoga Classes from this Traditional Yoga Studio

At Breeze Yoga, located in the heart of Beckenham, we provide self-care classes that are available in-studio, online, or live-streamed from our studio-run classes. Among the wellness options offered by Breeze Yoga are the following -

  • Traditional Yoga Studio Options.

  • Hot Yoga Classes

  • Pilates Classes.

  • Meditation classes.

  • Private Treatment rooms that offer online booking options for –

    • Holistic Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Remedial Massage, Bodywork, Indian Head, and Hot Stone Massage.

    • Wellbeing Options

      • Nutrition Counseling.

      • Himalayan Sound Massage.

      • Pranic Healing

      • Reflexology

      • Sound Therapy.

      • Reiki

      • Ayurveda


Our hot yoga classes at Breeze Yoga are heated 36 to 39 degrees Celsius (approximately 96 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit), with the exact temperature depending on the class level and the number of students attending.

At Breeze Yoga, we offer more than 75 classes across disciplines and a range of holistic treatment options. Yoga classes are categorized as either Flow Yoga, Static Yoga, Restorative yoga, or a Specialist Yoga class. We offer a number of payment plan options as follows –


If you are considering taking your first class at our traditional or hot yoga studio, check out some helpful insights and health discounts for those new to yoga. Check out our introductory offer for Livestream yoga classes. Click here to learn more about our therapist and educators.

If you still have any questions and/or concerns regarding our online streaming classes, we are reachable by email or by telephone at 020-8658-6808. If you are ready to sign up for one of our traditional or hot yoga classes, check out their availability on our online class schedules.

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