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How to Prepare


It is important to stay hydrated so be sure you drink enough water before, during, and after your ride. Forgot your water bottle? No problem, drinks are available to purchase at reception as well as Chillys insulated bottles.


We recommend eating a light meal a few hours before class or a snack up to an hour before the ride to ensure your sugar levels are not too low.


Arrive Early & Sign In

​Nothing is worse than a last-minute set-up! Be sure you get to the spin studio 15 minutes early to adjust your bike in time for the ride. If you do not sign-in at reception at least 5 minutes before the scheduled class start time, you will be considered a NO SHOW and lose your ride credit. Your bike will then be given to another spinner from the waiting list, who is standing by and ready to ride.

First Ride?

Please arrive at least 20 mins before the scheduled class start time as you will need to complete a New Client Form, unless you have been to Breeze before. Let your instructor know you are new to ride so they can assist you with the setup of your bike to ensure a smooth ride!


What to Bring

Water to stay hydrated, a sweat towel, padlock if you are using a locker


What to Wear

We recommend lightweight breathable t-shirt/vest on top and comfortable form-fitting leggings or shorts on the bottom, nothing that restricts movement, padded cycling leggings or shorts are also recommended. Our Keiser bikes are compatible with cleats, if you have your own cycling shoes, otherwise normal trainers are ok.

Storing Your Belongings

Please bring a padlock with you as we ask that you store all your belongings in a locker, located upstairs in the changing rooms. Padlocks are available to purchase at reception for £6. Mobile phones and bags are not allowed in any of our studios.

After Your Ride

Please ensure you santise the entire bike and the area around your bike, with the spray and cloth provided. Dispose of your used cloth in the towel bin by the spin studio exit. Please ensure to santise your hands with the gel provdided after cleaning the bikes.

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