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Relaxing Facial

Our facial treatments are designed to nourish the skin and also relax the mind through a more holistic approach. Each facial is bespoke and tailor made for you and your skin. Only natural products from ethical brands which are suitable for your skin type and concerns will be used. 


Brazilian Manual Lymphatic Drainage Face Massage 

with Christophe Fien | Lucimara Vitor

A Brazilian Manual Lymphatic Drainage Face Massage is a rejuvenating treatment that delivers remarkable results in a short amount of time. This transformative experience not only releases tension but also triggers a profound state of relaxation, allowing stress to melt away and your mind to find peacefulness. This amazing face massage technique effectively reduces puffiness, leaving your skin toned and revitalized, with a complexion that radiates health and vitality. As your face feels refreshed and rejuvenated, you'll find that your body and mind align in perfect harmony.

30 mins | £40


Christophe is available on Wednesday 10am - 5pm and Thursday 11am - 8pm

Lucimara is available on Saturday 8.30am -  1pm

Facials - Focus Dual, RF Microneedling+HIFU, BioRePeel, Facial Hair Removal by Hair Bare Pro

with Julie Jacobs French

The Original founder of "The Ice Clinic" in Beckenham, Julie has been working in the aesthetic industry for over 30 years. She has treated hundreds of high-profile clients helping them achieve smooth, glowing, toned, and lifted skin in the most natural way using a 360-degree approach working not only on the surface but also on the gut.

Every type of skin can be treated at every layer to lift, firm, and tighten.

Not sure what your skin needs? Book a 45 mins FREE Skin Consultation with Julie!

Please visit Julie's website for a full list of treatments available:

For bookings or enquiries please email


Book a 45 mins FREE Skin Consultation


Julie is available on Wednesdays  2.30pm - 7.30pm and Thursdays 9am - 2pm

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