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Hatha Yoga Open


Claudia Evans

Ride 45 | Rise & Shine  

After dancing professionally for 15 years, fitness was a natural progression for Claudia. Having never done Spin before she knew it was for her as soon as she got in the saddle. Claudia loves to incorporate a dance element into her Spin class as it makes you forget how hard you are really working! Expect great tunes and energising vibes from Claudia!

Fun fact : When she was in a girl band the manager made her turn off her mic, so good luck in class!

Hatha Yoga Open


Suzy Bain 

Ride 45 | Rise & Shine | The weekend ride 

A passionate yogi and dedicated to the yogic path, Suzy has been teaching yoga for 8 years. Strongly rooted in vinyasa, you can expect a creative flow with a fun and functional approach to movement. Recently adding Spin to her repertoire Suzy is a very energetic  beat rider/ instructor... think about dancing on your bike to the sound of club music! Passionate, fun and informative, dedicated and energetic.

Fun fact:  She is also an accomplished crystal bowls Sound Healer! You can sample her magic every Friday at 1pm for a Sound Meditation session right here at Breeze!

Hatha Yoga Open


Mickey Wells 

Ride 45 | Spin & Surge

Mickey has been teaching spin for 19 years and first discovered it when she became a student. Mickey loved the music, vibe and the energy that the instructor brought to the class, and that inspired her to qualify. Mickey often meets with DJs to find the right tracks to make her spin classes epic, with her passion lying in soulful house. You will leave the class feeling energised, happy and ready to take on the rest of your day!


Fun fact: She was once in a video that was at number 1 in the pop charts for many weeks.

Hatha Yoga Open

Rachel knight.jpg

Rachel Knight

Ride 45 | The Classic ride | The weekend ride 

Rachel first discovered spin in 2001, describing it like a rave on a bike and I likened it to the euphoric feeling you get from dancing all night long. She instantly fell in love and went on to train in 2009 to qualify. You can expect a fun, lively, uplifting, engaging and effective ride session - it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone! 


Fun fact: She found out in her 40s that she can actually drive on a motorway with the window down. As a child she believed that wind would get trapped inside and car would be like an aeroplane. 

Hatha Yoga Open


Brenda Smilie

Ride 45 | Spin & Slay

Brenda started spinning in 2004 with DB, who had her spinning on a hill climb with a weight on her head! Definitely a health and safety hazard and not a part of any of her current routines! Her fitness career began in the 90's which led to a number of qualifications such as Spin and a degree in Nutrition and exercise science. Brenda's spin classes are uplifting and enjoyable, creating and celebrating good vibes and riding to awesome music.

Fun fact: Brenda is a Pop Quiz guru, especially the eighties sound tracks...don't knock it, it was a great era for pop music.

Hatha Yoga Open

Billy Warren 2.JPG

Billy Warren

Ride 45 | The weekend ride


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