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Claudia Evans

After dancing professionally for 15 years, fitness was my next progression. I had never done Spin before but as soon as I got on the saddle I new it was for me. I love to incorporate a dance element into my Spin class as it makes you forget how hard you are really working! Expect great tunes and energising vibes from me!

Fun fact : When I was in a girl band the manager made me turn off my mic, so good luck in class!

Hatha Yoga Open

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Rhythm 45 

Ben Page

I started spin when I was really young aged 16 and decided to qualify as a spin instructor whilst I was at university. Looking back now, I've been teaching Spin for nearly twelve years! Where has the time gone? I teach a range of fitness classes, from Insanity to Pilates and many more...I can honestly say it gives me such an energy boost and zest for life!

My riders can expect a crazy,  high energy class with a playlist to match: come and be free to sweat it out and release all your energy through the spin!


Fun fact about me:

you'll most likely find me at a heavy metal gig on the weekends.

Hatha Yoga Open

Rhythm 45 

Anna Slorach

I originally trained and worked as a professional dancer for 10 years before moving into the world of fitness where I trained to be a Level 3 Personal Trainer, Barre and Pilates instructor as well as obtaining my indoor Cycling Certification.


The reason I love spinning so much is because it's the next best thing to dancing in a club! You have the lights, the music and you can so easily get lost in the moment that you might even forget you are in a fitness class. My promise to you is that you will leave each session feeling positive, energised and with a sense of achievement. Head to my classes for some good tunes, high energy and to see yourself progress week after week. Let’s get those endorphins flowing! 

Hatha Yoga Open

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Keith Giannoni

I really enjoyed Group Cycle as a participant, so when I left my long term job, I decided I would like to teach the class. I qualified in 2008 and have never looked back!


Following Cycle qualification, I  qualified in 2010 as a Les Mills Body Pump instructor. I have taught both disciplines in many local clubs. Hard work, variety but above all FUN!!!


Fun fact: I served in the Royal Air Force for four years.

Hatha Yoga Open

Rhythm 45 

Suzy Bain 

A passionate yogi and dedicated to the yogic path, Suzy has been teaching yoga for 8 years. Strongly rooted in vinyasa, you can expect a creative flow with a fun and functional approach to movement.

Recently adding Spin to her repertoire Suzy is a very energetic  beat rider/ instructor... think about dancing on your bike to the sound of club music!

Passionate, fun and informative, dedicated, energetic and angelic……. that’s our Suzy!

Fun fact about Suzy:  She is also an accomplished crystal bowls Sound Healer! You can sample her magic every Friday at 1pm for a Sound Meditation session right here at Breeze!

Hatha Yoga Open

Rhythm 45 

Bonny Griffin 

I trained as a dancer, performing on stage in France, Italy, Spain, Japan & Switzerland. During this time, I also appeared in several music videos.

After seven years as a dancer, I switched my profession and became a joint owner of a gym in Docklands, London. This continued successfully for the next 10 years. It was during this period I qualified and began teaching aerobics at my gym.

After leaving the gym, I started to focus on gaining my formal yoga qualifications to become a teacher. I qualified in Ashtanga, Hot/Static, Rocket, Forest, Chair & Aerial yoga and just recently added Spin to my repertoire and enjoying it so far!

Fun fact about me:  I'm a black belt in mixed martial arts!

Hatha Yoga Open

Rhythm 45 

Mickey Wells 

I have been teaching spin for 19 years and first discovered it when I first became student. I loved the music, vibe and the energy that the instructor brought to the class, and this inspired me to qualify.

Music is my life; I often meet with DJs to find the right tracks to make my spin classes epic and my real passion in music is soulful house.

By coming to my class, you will have fun but also a hard work out.


We will ride to tracks that you will recognise, that may have been mixed to bring a new tempo and beat. Hopefully, you will leave the class feeling energised, happy and ready to take on the rest of your day!


Fun fact about me: I was once in a video that was at number 1 in the pop charts for many weeks.

Hatha Yoga Open

Rhythm 45 

Marie Walker 

Cycle has always been in my blood,  I remember sneaking out of the office at lunch just to get my cycle fix, now I get to teach what I Love!

In my spin class, the vibes will be through the roof and after 45 minuets of burning hard, you’ll be craving your next ride@breeze. Be prepared to totally transform your body and mind by pushing yourself beyond your limit!

I’m so looking forward to riding with you…

Fun fact about me : Everyday I struggle between ‘I want to look good naked’

and a ‘big piece of chocolate’

Hatha Yoga Open

Rhythm 45 

Rachel Knight

I first discovered spin in 2001. It felt like a rave on a bike and I likened it to the euphoric feeling you get from dancing all night long, I instantly fell in love! I went on to train in 2009 to coach classes. 


I’ve worked in many clubs in and around London and enjoy helping and meeting people.  


Students can expect a fun, lively, uplifting, engaging and effective ride session - it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone! 


Fun fact about me : I found out in my 40’s you actually can drive on a motorway with your window down. I believed as a child that wind would get trapped inside and car would be like an aeroplane. 

Hatha Yoga Open

Rhythm 45 

Brenda Smilie

I started spinning in 2004 with DB, who had us spinning on a hill climb with a weight on our heads. It was a challenge but it got you walking like royalty afterwards. Its definitely a health and safety hazard and not a part of any of my routines! 

My fitness career began in the 90's which led to a number of qualifications such as Spin and a degree in Nutrition and exercise science. I've trained young and mature client's at fitness and wellness group and a community-led walking group. My spin classes are uplifting and enjoyable, creating and celebrating good vibes, riding to awesome music to help us improve our lives and wellness.

Fun fact about me: Pop quiz guru, especially the eighties sound tracks.. don't knock it, it was a great era for pop music.

Hatha Yoga Open

Rhythm 45 

Sue Hunter 

spin instructor