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Pilates Classes

Breeze Yoga Offers Online, Streaming & In-Studio Yoga & Pilates Classes

At Breeze Yoga, we provide yoga, meditation, and Pilates classes that are now available in the following delivered-formats –

  • In-studio class options.

  • Online class options.

  • Live-streamed class options sourced from our studio classes.


Breeze Yoga is your place if you are searching for Pilates near me. Check out our online booking options for our classes options and treatments -

  • Static Yoga & Pilates Classes include Hot (36 – 39 Degrees C), Hatha, Yin Yang, Iyengar Yoga, and Traditional Pilates Classes.

  • Flow Yoga includes Hot Flow, Hot Align, Forrest Yoga, Vinyasa, Sun Power, Dharma, Mindful Flow, and Thai Yoga.

  • Restorative Classes – which include Sound Bowl Meditation, Energy Healing, and Restorative Yoga.

  • Specialist Classes – which include prenatal, kids/teen, senior, and beginner's yoga.


At Breeze Yoga, we offer more than 80 online/streaming/in-studio classes across disciplines. Check out our payment plan options –


If you are considering taking your first class at our traditional or hot yoga studio, please review these helpful insights and health discounts for those new to yoga. Check out our introductory offer for Livestream yoga classes.

Additionally, our three therapy rooms that are available for hire to other bodywork and energy professionals – for the weekend, the day, a half-day, or by the hour. These therapy rooms offer a lined treatment bed, towels, blankets/pillows, and base massage oil, plus a cleaning service –


If you still have any questions and/or concerns regarding our online streaming classes, we can be reached by email or by telephone at 020-8658-6808.

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