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Yin Yoga & The Shamanic Journey
30 Hour Teacher Training 


Jeff Lester

29th - 3rd Februay/March 2024


About the course 

New to this yin yoga training: learn the powerful skill of applying elemental wisdom to create powerful shamanic meditation journeys for your students. Not only will this be a skill you can offer your students and 1-1 clients, it is also a healing journey for your own integration and personal expansion.


What is a shamanic journey?


A Shamanic journey is a guided meditation practice that creates an opportunity for deep healing and transformation. By accessing layers of the unconscious and utilizing powerful archetypes in the psyche we can guide students into deeper self understanding, integration, and personal wisdom.

Shamanic Journey is often accompanied with sound and breathing techniques that support accessing layers of the unconscious mind and energy field in order to create profound shifts in conscious awareness.

Learn the art and skill of channelled intuitive guiding shamanic journeys.
Explore the wisdom of the elements and utilize metaphor as a healing opportunity.
Learn to create a safe space for profound journeys and to hold space for integration.
This practice can be combined with your yin classes to create a potent healing experience or as a stand alone offering.

In this training, you’re invited to learn the techniques of yin yoga and breathwork in a way that allows you to deepen your own practice and to share these practices with others as an embodied leader. 


Jeff Lester will guide you through the theory and principles of yin yoga and breathwork and the benefits available on all levels of your being: physiological, energetic, and psychological. 


With Yin yoga, you will gain a deeper awareness of the wide range of anatomical human variation, including your own uniqueness. Explore the concepts of tension and compression and how this impacts the experience of your practice. Finally, tune into the subtle aspects of yin yoga that can lead to profound personal insights and healing. 


You will come away from this training with a deep understanding of the yin yoga practice and the confidence to teach from your experience. 


You will discover and practice a range of pranayama and shamanic breathing practices as well as grasp their influence on the nervous system. 


With both yin yoga and breathwork you will be able to create intelligent and intentional sequences for you personal practice and as a teacher. 



You’ll explore the varied benefits of yin yoga in general and learn how to safely adapt yin yoga for your unique body and practice.


  • Guidance in to the philosophy, principles and practice of yin yoga

  • An awareness of the differences between yin and yang styles of yoga

  • An understanding of physiology and anatomy—from the bones outward including the limits to movement and the significance of skeletal variation.

  • Insight into energy including prana, qi (chi) theory and practice.

  • Detailed instructions for practicing and teaching yin yoga asanas and conscious breathing practices.

  • Discussions on the best practices for teaching yin yoga and how to modify the practice for students’ unique bodies and/or specific conditions.


  • How to safely guide a breathwork session either standalone or in conjunction with yoga or meditation practice.


This training is designed for students who have a passion for yoga and desire more depth in their practice. Prior experience in yin yoga is not required. You do not have to be a yoga teacher nor desire to become one, but you are expected to be willing to explore yin yoga and embrace the growth and transformation of this training. 


























Meet Your Teacher


Jeff Lester is a coach, international retreat leader and yoga teacher training facilitator.  He is a student and teacher of practices that expands the human consciousness. 


Originally from Atlanta Ga, USA, Jeff has explored the world studying and training extensively in practices ranging from yoga and meditation to shamanic ceremonial traditions. He has assimilated a catalogue of impactful life tools that bring people together with high vibes and deep connection to life.  


Jeff facilitates workshops, retreats and trainings that inspire, empower and connect students to their inner journey and personal transformation. His brand, Jefe Living, is a community around meditation and coaching to support individuals in their journey and transformational process. 


Of the many yoga styles, Jeff has a particular affinity towards yin yoga for its potency and healing qualities, on all levels of our being. 




“I have taken several yoga courses and workshops with Jeff, and in each and every one I am left with a full heart, an inspired mind, and value bombs of knowledge to take into my personal and professional life.”

— Karen, Scotland

Meditation pic.jpg


8am - 10:30am Morning practice 

30 min break

11am - 1pm Group integration and learning session 

- Philosophy / Anatomy 

1hr Lunch break

2pm - 3:30pm Applied theory

- Methodology of the practice and facilitation skills  

15 minute break 

3:45pm - 5pm Afternoon practice 

End of day
(This may be subject to change on varying days)



£450 Early bird - Payment due 31/01/2024 

£550 Full price, from February

Payment plans available please email 

Course fees include all tuition, mentoring, course manuals + handouts. Please factor in transport, accommodation (if required) and food/ drinks costs for the duration of the course.

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