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A Boutique Spin Studio 

Introducing ride@breeze, a boutique Spin Studio in the heart of Beckenham dedicated to bringing you lively and zestful spin classes in a fabulous setting with excellent facilities.


Whether you are here for fun, high intensity cardio or performance-based training, ride@breeze caters for all your indoor cycling needs. We will be offering a mixture of rhythm and performance-based classes where you’ll be transported to an immersive experience with low lighting, amazing tunes and a powerful ride!

Everyone rides for different reasons, let's come together, unified through enjoyment, appreciation, love, respect, and community. Our intention is to truly empower those that ride with us, providing support on their spin journey. Expect a diverse community with open hearts, high-intensity 45 minutes rides led by inspiring and highly qualified instructors to the sound of sensational music. You will create a special bond and get stronger alongside one another with each ride you complete.


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