Spinning Class

ride @ breeze 

Enjoy a RIDE at Beckenham's (bespoke or boutique) spin studio at breeze yoga  

Whether you are here for fun, high intensity cardio or performance based training breeze caters to your indoor cycling spin needs, get a sweat on to some awesome beats get into a stride,breathe and ride. 


Our instructors are there to guide you through the entire ride giving you plenty of energy encouragement and support to get through, but untimely you decide how far you push yourself helping you empower your own personal ride.  You'll be transported to an immersive experience low light  amazing music kssksks ride. we'd love you to come for a ride, give us a try, become on the ride @ breeze family We know you'll love it here.

Prepare for a ride:

Drink, drink, drink! The key to a healthy body is staying hydrated. So be sure to have water before, during, and after your ride.


Don’t come under prepared, be sure to eat a little something before you exercise. We recommend eating a light snack 60 minutes before you ride.


If you’ve never ridden with us at Absolute Spin, we suggest sporting a T-shirt or tank on top and comfortable form-fitting leggings or shorts on the bottom.


ABSOLUTELY Nothing’s worse than a last minute set-up! Be sure to get to the studio 15 minutes before class starts. On arrive make the instructor know you’re a newbie and we’ll get you set up on the bike and make sure your comfortable and happy.


New to Absolute Spin? We need your info. Fill out a pre exercise question and your good to go. Any other info that you think the instructor should know be sure to let them know before hand. *please note, riders under 18 must have their parent or guardian sign the waiver in person!



Yep sure, it’s true what you’ve heard we can clip into the bike (no escaping). But don’t let that scare you. Clipping in provides a more stable, safer ride and also allows our riders to target the correct muscle groups. Our bikes are SPD compatible.



At Absolute Spin our bikes are not your ordinary spin bike, there state of the art Matrix icg 3 bikes. There simple to set up! In case you’ve never done it before, there are 4 places where you can adjust your bike:

1) Seat height

2) Fore/aft seat position

3) Handlebar Height

4) Seat position

If you’re new to Absolute Spin, be sure to arrive 10 minutes before your class starts and our helpful instructors will be happy to help.


Be Ready For the BOOM: How to prepare for your first Boom Cycle ride

Wear normal workout gear that you’re comfortable in.

Avoid loose trousers and be prepared to sweat. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your ride. Water is available for purchase at each location.  Eat a light snack at least a couple hours before your ride to stay fuelled throughout.

Arrival: Checking in and rocking out

Arrive 20 minutes before start time for your first ride.  Check in at the front counter to receive your bike number and shoes (included in the cost of your ride). Towels are complimentary and can be found on the handlebars of your bike and on the way to the shower area after your ride. This is also a great time to order your Recovery Shake.

Setting Up: Setting Up Correctly in the Studio

Ask your front of house host or instructor if you’d like help setting up your bike and we’ll help you set the perfect position for your comfort.  Two KG weights are under the saddle of each bike. One and three KG weights are available upon request. Be sure to make your instructor aware of any injuries or health issues.

Strong Finish: Riding the Wave

Help yourself to the provided REN toiletry products and Dyson Hair Dryers. Connect to the wifi if you like and be sure to hydrate as you ride your endorphin wave for the rest of the day!

Download our Health Commitment Statement

If you have further questions check FAQs.

Our instructors are simply brilliant. You can ride through landscapes from all over the world. You could literally ride anywhere. Our state of the art exclusive studio is how indoor cycling should be. Your music is our music. We share our instructors favorite tracks and make sure you love the tunes you are riding along to. Besides indoor cycling we offer Nutrition programs to help your performance, weight loss and muscle toning.

There are no joining fees, no contracts just spin :-).  Absolute Spin is exercise with a great big smile on its face. Check out our FAQs here. You can get started right away by signing up for our extraordinarily good value introductory offer of 10 concecutive days of spinning for JUST £20.

We value our members, and we believe in delivering more. That's why if you join us as a weekly or monthly member, not only do you receive unlimited spin sessions in our state of the art facility, but you also receive full nutritonal support, help and guidence, all part of your membership. No one can match us on delivery, results, service and price.

Cardio training meets inspired playlists, with a variety of drills, intervals, and team challenges at our signature cycling classes. Climb, sprint, and let the energy move you.



Bike to the beat of our hand-picked tracks in a sequence tailored to take you on a journey that’s as challenging as it is thrilling. Forget the metrics, shift with the rhythm, and let the power of the playlist drive your performance.