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Holistic Treatments

Holistic Treatments – Including Holistic Massage, Now Available at Breeze Yoga

At Breeze Yoga, located in the heart of Beckenham, we offer a comprehensive variety of self-care classes in our nurturing environment, delivering more than 80 classes each month that are available in-studio, online, and live-streamed.

In addition to these self-care disciplines and classes -


Breeze Yoga offers these self-care and bodywork treatment options –

  • Massage Therapies that include various 55-minute holistic treatments like –


    • Holistic Massage – an individual treatment tailored to meet the needs of each client. Cost - £60.

    • Swedish Massage – an individual treatment based on physiology and anatomy and designed to settle the mind and reduce tension. Cost - £60.

    • Deep Tissue Massage – an individual treatment that seeks to relieve chronic ache/pain by readjusting deep muscle and connective tissue layers. Cost - £65.

    • Remedial Sports Massage – a treatment developed for athletes to help with range of motion, tightness, and pain. Cost - £65.

    • Bodywork – this multimodal treatment seeks to treat pain, low energy, and poor posture by rebalancing one’s nervous system. Cost - £70.

    • Hot Stone Massage – often used for athletes but helps anyone seeking relief from pain, tightness, and tension and to enhance flexibility and overall circulation. Cost - £65.

    • Indian Head Massage – with the use of oils, an Indian head massage seeks to manipulate soft tissue, relieve tension, and improve mental clarity. Cost - £50



If you still have any questions and/or concerns regarding our classes, we can be reached by email or by telephone at 020-8658-6808. If you are ready to sign up for one of our traditional or hot yoga classes, check out their availability on our online class schedules.

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