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The Benefits Of Prenatal Massages

Prenatal massages are one of the most effective therapies when you’re pregnant. As you’re preparing to give birth you may be experiencing lots of discomfort around your back and abdomen. The purpose of a prenatal massage is to relax your body and ease any pain.

Prenatal massage benefits consist of:

● Improved mental health

● Enhanced sleep

● Relieve lower back and pelvic pain

● Preparation for labour

● Less swelling around your body

Being pregnant can be a stressful experience but opting for a pregnancy massage can improve your mood and also lower the risk of postnatal depression. As a result, falling asleep at night and getting the recovery you need will be easy.

What To Expect During A Prenatal Massage

A Comfortable and Relaxing Process

Prenatal massages are specialised for pregnant women who are going through a range of physical and mental sensations as they prepare to give birth. Therefore, you can rest assured that your prenatal massage therapist will do everything they can to relax you.

This includes using appropriate massage oils to soothe your body and make it a de-stressing experience for you. Besides, avoid areas of your abdomen that are particularly sensitive.

Minimal Pressure

Every prenatal massage aims to decrease muscle tension and improve blood circulation. However, deep tissue techniques will not be involved as this can be uncomfortable. Your therapist will gently massage your body to relieve any abdominal pain you are experiencing.

Resting On Your Side

When you’re pregnant it is not recommended that you lie on your front unless your therapist has a hole for your belly to fit through. At the same time, lying on your back can make you feel nauseous if you're 20 weeks pregnant.

So during your prenatal massage, you will lie on your side which is the most comfortable position when you're pregnant. A qualified prenatal massage expert will know exactly how to manoeuvre you to get the most out of the treatment.

If you’re pregnant and looking for effective therapy to reduce discomfort, feel free to book a prenatal massage with one of our certified therapists. However, please speak to a doctor before booking a treatment.

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