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Yoga Classes - what should you expect?

If you are thinking about trying yoga, you are not alone. Yoga has rapidly increased in popularity over the last few years. Before you sign up to your first class you might be wondering what to expect. Don’t be intimidated by the yoga posts of bendy yogi’s on Instagram, read this post instead. We will explain what you should know before your first yoga class, along with basic etiquette and more.

First: remember yoga is about more than just fitness

Yoga is a philosophy of how to live well by transforming yourself. Although you may enjoy the fact the yoga class gives you a great workout, you should be mindful of the holistic benefits of yoga. These are meditation, stillness and connection to the universe.

Secondly: think about the styles of yoga, and which is most appropriate to you

From hatha to vinyasa, yin to Bikram, there are many different styles of yoga offered. It can be overwhelming to pick a class, if you’ve never done one before. You might want to phone the yoga studio you are planning on visiting, and ask them which class they recommend. As a rule, non-heated classes offering foundational poses are a good start.

Pick something comfortable and fitting to wear

The most important thing is to pick something comfortable to move, it should stretch, move and breathe with ease. Many people opt for leggings but shorts work also. On your top half, we advise wearing a tight top or something that you can tuck into your legging, otherwise you will find your top billowing around which can be a distraction.

Know that the structure of class will depend on the style

Every teacher, studio and class type will have a slightly different structure. In general, you can expect a still pose at the beginning, where you will connect to your breath, you will then be guided through a series of poses, maybe with a particular focus on one ‘pose of the day’, at the end you will perform a brief meditation, laying on your back in Savasana pose.

Be aware of yoga etiquette

There is some basic etiquette you should be aware of before you start your first yoga class. When you enter the room, make sure you leave any electronics behind, or on silent. Notice how people have arranged their mats, usually it will be in rows facing the teacher. Make sure you leave enough space for others, but that you aren’t too close to the person next to you. Lastly, do you best to be on time, and stay for the duration of the class.

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