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The Breeze 40 hour Thai Yoga Teacher Training


with Wai-Ling Man and Hassan Hassan

14th January - 16th January 2022


About the course 

The Breeze 40 hour Thai Yoga Teacher Training is taught by Wai-Ling Man and Hassan Hassan. and is Exclusive to Breeze.


Thai Yoga Teacher Training is a mainly practical course for already qualified yoga teachers and is designed to further enrich individuals existing teaching knowledge.


Thai Yoga is a unique Yin style of yoga. Its continuous flowing motion moving from one asana to the next where practitioners use gravity, bodyweight and breath to achieve a deeper softening within the body, with the aim to reach to deeper relaxed state that opens up the mind the spirit and the body. Typically Thai Yoga practitioners find that through the specific harmony of mind, breath and body that Thai Yoga style brings they move deeper into their stretch and enjoy a meditative holistic practice.


Breeze has been teaching Thai Yoga since it opened and it has proved to be a consistently popular form of yoga with the humble beginner and the highly experienced alike.  This course is mostly practical based with focus on the sequence itself, the teacher training will also touch on adjustments, anatomy and philosophy that are relevant to the practical application of teaching Thai Yoga. This course is Great for all levels.


Friday 14th January - Sunday 16th January 2022


The Breeze 40 hour Thai Yoga Teacher is £495
Course fees include all tuition, mentoring, course manuals + handouts. Please factor in transport, accommodation (if required) and food/ drinks costs for the duration of the course.

If you have further questions please email or if you feel ready to take the next stage of your journey, enrol online using the button below.

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