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YTT Course Beckenham

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The Breeze YTT course is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance-accredited Vinyasa course, primarily taught by senior yoga teacher Hassan Hassan, at our studio in Beckenham. Our YTT course is also complemented by support from some of our other tutors, who teach anatomy and philosophy.

Our YTT course is constantly evolving, we want it to be relevant and current, but simultaneously rooted in traditional yogic practices. This course is a personal journey that will help you discover the yoga teacher within you.

How To Prepare For Your YTT Course

We don’t expect our students to know everything there is to know about yoga. However, it is a good idea to maintain regular practice in the months leading up to your YTT course. Throughout the course, you will need to practise frequently, so ensuring you are strong, flexible and mentally prepared beforehand will put you in good stead.


The most important way to prepare for your YTT course is by keeping an open mind.


  • Be ready to meet and mix with like-minded students who are also embarking on this journey with you.

  • Be ready to give and receive feedback. And, know how to take this constructively and not as criticism. 

  • Be ready to leave your ego at the door. You might not be the most flexible or the strongest yogi in the room. Remember to check your self-doubt, being the ‘best’ isn’t what this course is about.

Enquire About Our Next YTT Course in Beckenham

We hold YTT courses at our studio in Beckenham, periodically throughout the year. The course runs over 3 months and is split into 6 weeks/weekends, so you are able to fit your YTT course around your day job. We hold the course for a maximum of 12 students at a time, ensuring you get personal attention throughout.

If you would like to find out more about our next YTT course in Beckenham, just get in touch.

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