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Yoga Teacher
Training in Penge

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The Breeze yoga teacher training course is a 200hr Yoga Alliance accredited vinyasa course taught by our senior yoga teacher, Hassan Hassan, at our studio near Penge. The teaching is complemented by support from some of our other tutors, who teach anatomy and philosophy.


Our yoga teacher training course is constantly evolving, we want it to be relevant and current, but simultaneously rooted in traditional yogic practises. This training course is a personal journey, we want to help you discover the yoga teacher within. You will be encouraged to delve deeper into your internal space, to help you on your journey.


What to Expect


Our course is 200 hours of training, covering 3 months, split into 6 weeks/ weekends, taught at our training centre near Penge. We will touch on the majority of ancient and modern styles of yoga, but the majority of the course will be focused on a Vinyasa style of yoga, with the sequencing based around this. Once qualified, you will be trained to teach both VInyasa and Hatha yoga classes.


The yoga teaching is a combination of continuous assessment, practical work, and written examinations. After each module, reading and small amounts of written work are set. Toward the end of the training, there will be slightly longer pieces of work. However, most of the practical training takes place on the weekends, so you are able to balance your yoga teacher training with a full time job.


The training takes place at our wellness centre near Penge, so you will need to arrange accommodation if you do not live nearby.

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