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Massage in Beckenham

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Looking to unwind and relax? We offer a beautiful range of massages in Beckenham to help you destress and decompress.


We have some amazing massage therapists working for us, who will address your unique conditions, offering a personalised message that is completely tailored to you. If you want something relaxing, choose a balancing massage. Or, for something more intense, why not book a deep tissue massage to target aches and pains?


Whatever massage you go for, our massage therapists will work around any problem areas you have, making sure you get the most out of your massage.

We Offer A Range of Massages in Beckenham

We offer an extensive range of massages, from light touch to deep pressure. Here are a few examples of massages we can offer in Beckenham.


  • Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage: A BLDM massage uses traditional and new lymph pumping and stimulation techniques. This massage can help with sculpting and reducing puffiness.

  • Cupping: A cupping massage is great for improving circulation, which can help with cell repair and tissue suppleness. In this massage, sturdy glass cups will be applied to the skin.

  • Swedish massage: Swedish massage is based on Western concepts of anatomy and physiology (instead of energy work). This massage involves friction and kneading to help reduce muscle tension.

  • Indian head massage: Indian head massage uses a range of techniques to manipulate the soft tissue. This massage can be offered in a seated position, with no oils necessary.


This is just a small sample of the types of massage we offer, you can see our full range here.


Book A Massage in Beckenham


Our massage therapists offer appointments throughout the week and at weekends. We also offer appointments in the evenings, to fit around your work schedule.


If you’re looking to book a massage in Beckenham for a friend, we also offer gift vouchers.


If you have any questions about our massages, just get in touch.

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