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Clinical Acupuncture in Sydenham

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If you’re looking for acupuncture therapy in Sydenham, look no further than Breeze Yoga. We offer a clinical acupuncture therapy that has been utilized as a holistic healing technique for more than 2000 years.


Our acupuncture method is based on an essential principle that pain and illness occur when vital energy (Qi) known as meridians cannot flow smoothly through the body’s energy channels. Therefore, we aim to target the potential causes like injury, infection, inadequate nutrition, physical stress and emotional discomfort.


This consists of our acupuncture therapists inserting ultra fine sterile needles into certain acupuncture points of the body to encourage a natural healing response by restoring balance and promoting the flow of vital energy.


Furthermore, our acupuncturists in Sydenham consider the five elements of Chinese philosophy such as water, wood, fire, earth and metal. We understand that each element is linked to different organs, seasons, emotions, colours, sounds and times of the day. Therefore, our acupuncture process is based on treating the element that is in distress.


Our Acupuncture Therapies


At Breeze Yoga, we provide a range of acupuncture therapies in Sydenham to meet your various requirements such as Shonishin Paediatric, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Facial Enhancement.


Our Shonishin Paediatric acupuncture does not involve any needles and is ideal for babies and children. We are aware that children dislike needles, therefore, our Shonishin acupuncture therapy includes gentle techniques like tapping, stroking and rubbing with specialised tools to encourage a natural balance in vital energy.


In contrast, our traditional Chinese acupuncture consists of fine sterilised needles that are inserted into certain acupoints to increase blood flow and smooth flowing of Qi. Our acupuncturists aim to promote healing and balance by decreasing pain or blockage.


As for our facial enhancement acupuncture, this consists of targeting facial, body and auricular points during each treatment. Once the facial needles are removed you will get a short Jade Roller facial massage to finish the therapy.


To experience our clinical acupuncture therapy in Sydenham, please book online. Alternatively, you can call us directly or email any queries you have.

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