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Angelic Reiki Training
1st & 2nd Degree  

with Pauline O'grady 

22nd July - 24th July 2024


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The purpose of this training is to awaken an unconditional link with this healing energy of the Angelic Kingdom. This is a wonderful gift for personal development and to share with friends and family.

This angelic reiki training will give you the most perfect gift for you, especially during these difficult times when we have many Angels and Star Seeds coming forwards to support us in both our spiritual and healing journeys.

This may totally change your life! It will give you the most perfect gift for you. It has proved to be the catalyst for many participants to find and follow their life’s purpose. It will support your own personal healing and spiritual journey, open up gifts and spiritual talents, and reveal your dharma. It will enable you to support family and friends, or be a step on the way to share Angelic Reiki with others as a professional healer or teacher.


It is wonderfully practical with lots of opportunities to experience the unique gift of giving and receiving an Angelic Reiki healing.


Importantly, the attunements are facilitated by, and though, the Angelic Kingdom of Light by-passing any need for the energy to come through a human body or consciousness. This guarantees its purity. Each participant will connect to their own angelic interface.



This Training will include
• Two Angelic Reiki cleanses and attunements
• One Archangelic initiation and blessing
• A definition and understanding of the nature of Angelic energy
• The principles of clearing and dedicating space
• Six healing methods including self and distant healing
• Four practical healing exchanges
• Cleansing and attuning crystals
• The laws of healing according to the divine hierarchy as given by Djwhal Khul • Full Attunement to Angelic Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree which includes 8 Divine Multi-dimensional Symbols
• A complete Karma Cutting and Angelic Clearing prior to taking the attunement



Full Syllabus
o An understanding of the process of clearing and dedicating a healing space. Also, the closing of the space after the session is complete
o The importance of the closing of the space after the session is complete
o A definition of Angels through understanding them as the Divine archetypes of this created universe
o Cleansing and attunement to Angelic Reiki 1st Degree
o Cleansing and attunement to Angelic Reiki 2nd Degree
o Activation of the symbols by Lord Melchizedek to their Galactic vibration
o Entity release if needed
o The Angelic attunement by the 30 Archangels of the Mighty Sarim, including the attunement of the Master Crystal
o Activation by Archangel Metatron of the Reiki symbols to the Angelic vibration
o Introduction to the laws and rules of healing as given by Djwhal Khul to Alice Bailey in the book ‘Esoteric Healing’
o Four healing methods and healing exchanges
o Explanation of distance and self-healing
o Angelic Reiki for pregnancy, unborn children and babies and the support of indigo children
o Explanation of how to create a sacred space and the part crystals, cards, candles, colour, sound and sacred essences play in this
o How to attune crystals and essences to Angelic Reiki and how important this is
o Provision of the level 1&2 workbook to each participant at the start of the class, and explanation of the material in this book
o The shape, sound, drawing, and meaning of the symbols are not taught. Simply to look at the symbols integrates their vibration into the recipient’s consciousness. The most perfect symbols and energy are provided, brought and guided by the Angelic Kingdom of Light (not the healer)


About the course 


The Reiki Training is £400
Course fees include all tuition, mentoring, course manuals + handouts. Please factor in transport, accommodation (if required) and food/ drinks costs for the duration of the course.

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