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Hatha Yoga Open

Amelia Adrian

Slow Hatha Yoga | Yin Yoga | Aroma Yoga

Amelia Adrian

For Amelia, yoga is about creating space: physically, emotionally and mentally. The true beauty of yoga is that it meets you exactly where you are. It is for everyone. Amelia has been practicing meditation for nearly 20 years and yoga for 10 years. She teaches a range of styles including Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Aroma Yoga taking inspiration from her teachers Elena Brower, Rod Stryker, Norman Blair among many others, to whom she is deeply grateful.

Amelia’s intention in teaching is to create space and act as a guide for you to pause and breathe on the mat. Her wish is for us to carry this spaciousness off the mat and back into our own life, to our friends, family and community, learning to live from a place of intention and conscious choice rather than reactivity.

Hatha Yoga Open

Suzy Bain

Hot Yoga Flow 1 & 2 | Sound & Meditation

Suzy Bain

Suzy began practing yoga as a way to counteract her busy lifestyle

She is a bright, passionate and skilled yoga teacher who has been in the teaching industry for over 20 years, in her role as a well-known hairdresser and Educator for Hob Salons Camden. Suzy studied with renowned teachers Ana Forest and Claire Missingham, also taking classes with Kristi Johnson and Jambo Truong regularly. In 2015 she decided to take the step to do her yoga teacher training with Claire Missingham. She completed the rigorous training with "outstanding". She is currently mentored by Claire Missingham.

In Suzy’s class you will experience her uplifting smile, positive message and a fun, vibrant practice that challenges physically and spiritually. Suzy has a fantastic ability enthuse students to deepen their practice. Her motto is to do something that scares you with pride and enthusiasm. For instance, five months after having a baby she ran the London Marathon, learning from it that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Hatha Yoga Open


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Minica Beason

Minica found yoga through dance training as a way to maintain her physical and mental wellbeing in a demanding industry.

After travelling to India to complete her teacher training in 2013, Minica realised yoga was the route she wanted to take. She connected to it from a deeper space within her that she didn’t even know existed! 

Noticing the similarities between the challenges of life and what happens on a yoga mat, Minica tries to teach and practise with an open and sincere heart. Breathing, alignment, compassion to the body and integrity are her focus.

Fun fact: Minica performed at the London Olympic Opening Ceremony and danced for Katy B and Jessie J.

Hatha Yoga Open


Teens Yoga

Leigh Lihou

Recently continued her studies and completed a 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training with The Parampara Authentic School of Yoga with Imir Frazer and Yin Yoga and Open Circle Training with Akhanda Family with Yog Sundari.

Hatha Yoga Open

katy B

Hatha Yoga | Yin Yang Yoga | Prenatal Yoga

Katy Broomfield

Katy comes from an arts background with an MA in fashion textiles. In addition to this creative work she has always loved finding ways to express and enhance the body.

Katy has been teaching for over 15 years. She undertook a British Wheel of Yoga, Hatha Yoga course with Zoe Knott in 2004 and added Pregnancy & Postnatal, Couples Birth workshops, Certificate by Birthlight, & Meditation modules to further develop her learning.

Katy specifically likes to work with the breath, linking postures in flow movements, building a safe practice and working with strength as well as developing the flexibility required to reach the more challenging postures.  Katy especially likes to add balances in her practice that allow the mind an opportunity to rest, as balances require deeper levels of focus.  She believes that the journey is the most interesting aspect of practice and encourages students not to be overly attached to the end postures.

Hatha Yoga Open

Mariana Camiloti

Pilates | Senior Pilates

Mariana Camiloti

Mariana first experienced Pilates during an ACL knee injury rehabilitation in 2008 and worked not only to recover from surgery but also to enhance her dance technique and performance skills. Since then, Pilates became a regular practice that has enabled her to have a 10-year professional contemporary dance career. Mariana is now a level 3 Body Control Pilates teacher.

Her classes focus on aiding each person to develop a mindful, safe and effective workout. Her passion for movement, dance and somatic techniques is highly incorporated in her lessons and her generous and calm approach inspire clients of all walks of life to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Mariana's class have a steady pace, with great attention to details. She takes pride in helping people to be confident and has a joyful experience whilst introducing challenging exercises progressively.

Besides teaching Pilates, Mariana is an experienced professional dancer born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She trained at London Contemporary Dance School and has been working with a wide range of companies and choreographers across the UK and abroad.

Hatha Yoga Open

Lisa F

Hot Align & Flow Yoga | Align & Flow Yoga 

Lisa Fairclough

Having worked as a personal trainer and class instructor for the past 11 years, Lisa turned to yoga 5 years ago in a bid to combat some of the stresses and strains she had placed on her body over the years and also to bring some kind of calm and peace to her otherwise hectic lifestyle

Having completed her yoga teacher training, and fully embracing what it opened her eyes to, Lisa knew that yoga was the path she wanted to follow and inspire others to follow too.

Throughout her class Lisa encourages a strong connection between body, mind and spirit. She delivers a physically demanding practice, whilst at the same time encouraging her participants to practice without pain and to accept each moment as their bodies being exactly where they should be. Lisa likes to use music and short readings as a way to enhance the experiences her participants have during their practice and as a way of enabling participants to take vital elements of their practice with them into their lives outside of the yoga studio. Lisa’s background also means that she has a keen interest in anatomy and physiology. She will use her knowledge to guide you carefully and precisely through your poses, educating you about your body as you go.

Hatha Yoga Open


Hot Yoga Flow 1 & 2

Erin Fitzsimons

Erin initially practiced hot yoga and then went on to try many other styles including Anusara Yoga. She felt that this was the path she had been looking for, and decided to do what she loved - dedicate her life to improving the health and wellness of others.

Erin completed her Teacher Training with Bridget Woods-Kramer, a Senior Anusara Certified Instructor, in Ubud, Bali. She loves to travel and practice yoga all over the world, gaining from each new experience, and sharing those experiences with her students.

Anusara Yoga focuses on body alignment, opening of the heart region, and Tantric philosophy. She really connects with the principles of Anusara, and uses those teachings when instructing students. She incorporates pranayama, meditation, and intention setting into her classes. She loves to see students connect with their practice in such a way that their everyday lives are more centered and full of richness.

Hatha Yoga Open

Imir F

Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

Imir Frazer

A life-long interest in health & movement led Imir to begin practicing yoga in 2000. She has since studied consistently to deepen her understanding of anatomy, the eight limbs of yoga, and yoga philosophy as a way of life; exploring traditional yoga systems, particularly classical Ashtanga Yoga, Dynamic & Restorative Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Krama.

Following the tradition of ‘Guru Parampara’ (passing on the tradition of yoga in its pure form from teacher to student, generation to generation), Imir enjoys training with some of the world’s foremost senior teachers in Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Sequencing, Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Anatomy.  She took her initial 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training qualification in 2010, followed by a further qualification in Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 and 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in December 2017.

Imir’s teaching style is calm, light-hearted and friendly, her classes deep and challenging, accompanied by music. 

Hatha Yoga Open


Hot Yoga Flow 2/3

Agneta Friden

Agneta started practising Bikram Yoga in the US back in 2000 with Jimmy Barkan and got addicted to all the benefits of practicing yoga in a hot room. Having had a severe knee injury in 2009, yoga helped to heal and avoid radical knee surgery. Agneta works as a Specialist Audiologist which includes working with patients who suffer with balance disorders – an area where yoga has proven to have countless benefits.

Agneta completed her training with Jimmy Barkan in the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga, enabling her to share her own experience of healing from the inside, for which she has a true passion!

Hatha Yoga Open

Matt G

Hatha Yoga | Mindful Flow Yoga | Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Matt Gill

Whilst it was the physicality of yoga that initially drew Matt to the practice - in particular the transitions and the flow of movement - he soon found that there were many benefits beyond just the physical as yoga brought greater balance and awareness into his life. 

Matt is a yoga teacher, Level II Mindfulness Trainer and designated FRC© Mobility Specialist. His teaching combines contemporary understanding of the ways in which we move with the wisdom and insight of the yoga and mindfulness traditions and he aims to present these practices in a way that is respectful to their heritage, culture and original intentions.


As he continues to deepen his understanding of these transformative practices, Matt feels incredibly lucky to help others discover the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for themselves, doing so in a considered, grounded way that is accessible and relatable to all (‘spiritual’ and secular minded alike).

Hatha Yoga Open

Bonny G

Hot Yoga (26/2) | Vinyasa Flow Yoga | Senior Yoga | Spin

Bonny Griffin

Bonny's fitness journey began as a dancer in her 20's and she was lucky enough to dance all over the world. Following this, Bonny became an aerobics instructor and later ran and owned her own gym in Docklands for over 10 years.
Bonny was always interested in yoga, but it took a while to become hooked on it. Now, she is obsessed! 

Bonny has been a fully qualified yoga teaching for 3 years. Initially she qualified in Ashtanga and since has taken trainings in Rocket, Mandala, Forrest, Chair, Aerial and Bikram.

One of the things Bonny loves most about yoga is that it is a never ending journey. Each of us on our own unique path not knowing where that path may lead us, and the more you learn the more you realise there is more to learn about your mind, body, focus and spirit.

One thing you may not know is that whilst owning the gym she gained a black belt in martial arts! She floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee!

Hatha Yoga Open

Giovina Guerra

Hot Yoga (26/2) | Vinasya Flow Yoga | Hatha Yoga

Giovina Guerra

Giovina came to yoga about 9 years ago and clearly remembers feeling so alive and present after her first class. Giovina has a background of dance, fitness and theatre body movement and she has always been fascinated by the mind and body.

Giovina completed her 200-hours Teacher Training in Ashtanga Vinyasa in 2006 at Breeze, followed by a 50-hours Rocket training with 'It's Yoga International', led by Jamie Blowers and has been teaching regularly ever since.

Giovina aims to create a supportive, welcoming and pressure-free environment. The intention is to provide challenges for the body, mind and ego. She invites students to listen to their body, befriend their breath and embark on their own unique journey towards becoming their best version of themselves while having fun.

Whilst working as an Au Pair in her mid-twenties, Giovina was enjoying herself at a family party when a child approached her to ask “Are you a grown up?!”. It was an unforgettable moment which makes Giovina laugh to this day. 

Hatha Yoga Open


Hatha Yoga | Hot Restore & Reset Yoga | Senior Yoga

Elizabeth Knott

Elizabeth began practicing yoga when working in the fashion industry. Since then yoga has been part of her everyday life and a rock which has helped her through the dark days of postnatal depression. She hopes that other yogis can find stability from yoga in the same way that she has.

Elizabeth's yoga teacher training was with the British Wheel of Yoga and she has been teaching yoga full time since 2008. Her classes incorporate asana (physical yoga postures), breath work (pranayama) and relaxation and she strives to make sure all abilities are included. Elizabeth loves to share her yoga knowledge with everyone in class, and encourages yogis to challenge themselves in a safe space.

Elizabeth's favourite sweet treat is chocolate brownies and she has an amazing chocolate brownie recipe that really hits the spot!

Hatha Yoga Open



Elena Hardy

Elena has been a professional ballet and contemporary dancer for the last 20 years.  She was first drawn to Pilates as a result of injuries suffered throughout her career. 

Elena teaches a blend of unique, dynamic & fun pilates aimed at redefining the body and improving strength and flexibility.

Hatha Yoga Open


Hot Yoga Flow 1 & 2 | Hot Yoga (26/2) | Hot Lunchtime Flow Yoga | Hatha Yoga

Hassan Hassan

Hassan’s yoga adventure began in the gym, practicing hatha yoga, for a good stretch to escape the stress from working a challenging job.  Graduating to a more specialised hot yoga practice, Hassan felt profound changes in his life

Becoming a yoga teacher was a natural progression and a heartfelt decision for Hassan – he is grateful to be able to teach one of his great passions in life. He now helps adults go upside down, twist, back-bend and forward bend – all in the name of health and personal development.


Hassan has over 10 years of experience working with people on a personal level and has been teaching in America, Sweden, Norway, Turkey and all around the UK. He also assists on teacher trainings, yoga shows and holds his own retreats.

Hassan is a personal trainer, Bikram, Ashtanga and Vinyasa teacher and is Yoga Alliance certified. His sessions are person centered, motivated and compassionate with a focus on technique and a little fun!

Hatha Yoga Open


Hot Thai Yoga | Hot Yoga Flow 

Wai-Ling Man

Wai-Ling’s teaching practice draws deeply on her Chinese Buddhist Hong Kong heritage, her vibrant personality and a postgraduate education in Psychology.

Motivated by a simple desire to improve the lives of others Wai-Ling originally trained in Thai Yoga, a flowing Yin style principally aimed at increasing flexibility and opening up the mind, body and spirit. Over time she evolved her teaching practice through considerable and ongoing training in other forms of yoga.


Wai-Ling is fully qualified to teach Akhanda Yoga; a holistic style based on Hatha that draws upon the rich diversity of the yoga tradition, She is also a registered dynamic Rocket yoga teacher, trained by Larry Schultz’s ‘It’s Yoga’ and Jamie Blowers. With 500 hours teacher training and counting, all of this carefully curated diversity is designed to bring another deeper dimension to all her classes.


Wai-Ling favours a tactile approach to teaching (she is trained in Indian Head Massage and Reiki Level 1), hands-on adjustments being a key component of her teaching style.

Wai-Ling's classes are inclusive and for all levels and are structured around a quiet spirituality and a sense of warmth and fun. She considers atmosphere, mood and music essential to practice.

Always seeking to challenge and support, Wai-Ling warmly welcomes the experienced and the inexperienced alike to her classes.

Hatha Yoga Open


Hot Yoga Flow 1 

Gerrard Martin

'Dynamic, challenging, vinyasa-orientated, The Freestyle Yoga Project, is geared towards encouraging teachers and students to think for themselves, and investigate what’s going on over the side of their particular yogic box'. This philosophy, as well as his dance training, informs Gerrard’s teaching. He provides students with classes that offer challenge and a safe space in which to unburden insecurities and physical blockages.

Gerrard is a Yoga Alliance UK certified teacher. He gained his initial yoga experience from his professional dance training at De Montfort University and The Northern School of Dance and was so intrigued that he started practicing in the Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga. He went on to study with Abby Hoffman on her Embodied Dance Pro 60 course, which explores the connection with yoga and dance, after which he began his 200 hour teacher training at the Freestyle Yoga Project with Mark Freeth and Anna Robertshaw.


Gerrard uses vocal percussion and music in his classes, as he has an interest in singing/chanting. He has performed in ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Ballet Black’. He has also danced for The National Theatre, has toured internationally with the ‘English National Opera’, and has performed at the Royal Opera House.

Hatha Yoga Open

Steve M

Hot Yoga Flow 1 | Vinyasa Flow 2 

Steve McGoldrick

Steve realised that it was in his greatest time of need that yoga became much more than a physical practice. 

He began practising yoga in 2012 when he travelled to New Zealand and from that point on he was hooked. Steve began to practice at Breeze occasionally and participate in online yoga classes and began to experience the benefits that yoga had to offer. With this new-found love Steve began to change his approach even to his own training and his clients as he is a professional personal trainer of six years. It wasn’t until the last year that Steve wanted to ramp up his training, so he travelled to the Sampoorna School of Yoga in India to fully immerse himself in his teacher training.

He has now committed to turning his training and teachings for longevity, concentrating more on movement and mobility and incorporating inversions into his classes. Steve brings his 'cheeky chappy' nature to his classes but also instills strength and confidence to his students helping them grow into a stronger and confident practitioner in a fun but challenging way.

Hatha Yoga Open


Pilates | Hot Hatha Yoga

Allison Sloan

Allison began teaching over 25 years ago as a group exercise fitness instructor. She has always enjoyed ‘movement’ and realised over time that teaching was her passion. Although Allison’s classes were high intensity, she discovered the benefits of ‘slowing down’ when she started taking Yoga classes.

Allison is inspired and influenced by various teachers around the globe. Allison completed her 200-hour YTT in India in 2013, 120-hour Hridaya Module in Mexico 2015, and completed a 300-hour YTT in India in 2018. Amongst other trainings, she has also completed a Yin-Yoga course with Norman Blair earlier this year.

Allison’s classes are fun, dynamic, focused on alignment, relaxing and full of flowing energy – she emphasizes on connecting with the breath in both Yoga and Pilates as this allows us to always be present and aware.

Hatha Yoga Open

Tracey S

Iyengar Yoga

Tracey Smith


Hatha Yoga Open



Alex Tinney

Alex first discovered Pilates during her dance training at London Studio Centre. Initially, her Pilates practice was a tool of injury rehab and prevention only, in which she soon discovered the many other positive effects it had on her day to day life- physically & mentally.

Continuing with her Pilates practice whilst performing and choreographing in London, she eventually decided to add another string to her bow by training at the prestigious, Body Control Pilates as a Level 3 Matwork Teacher.

Drawing from her dance background, Alex’s classes concentrate hugely on alignment, strength and flow. Believing Pilates is for everyone, she encourages people to give it a go and have fun!

Fun Fact: Alex is also a published poet!.

Hatha Yoga Open

Junior Valentine

Yin Yang Yoga | Forrest Yoga | Sound Meditation | Vinyasa Flow Yoga |

Gong Bath 

Junior Valentine

Born and raised on the soils of South London with a background in performing, Junior was introduced to yoga 10 years ago and it enabled him to become stronger, flexible and fearless in his approach to life both on & off the mat. Junior's classes are fun with a dash of sass and playfulness. He combines a mixture of styles in classes from his continual trainings in Ashtanga, Mandala & Shamanism, Rocket, Yin Yoga, Forrest & Qi gong.

Junior is also a deeply gifted energy healer in Reiki, Thai Massage and also
sound tools such as gongs, Soundbowls, chimes drum and so much more.

Fun fact: In Junior's younger years he has featured as an extra in some tv and films

Hatha Yoga Open

Gillian Edit.jpg


Gillian Hatherall

Gillian first encountered Pilates as part of her professional dance training. She rediscovered it years later as a way to balance out her body and help her get rid of various niggles that had developed over time from her strength training in the gym.

Gillian is Level 3 Pilates instructor and holds specialist qualifications for working with common orthopedic conditions and pre and post natal clients. Having worked as a dancer, dance teacher, personal trainer and pre and post natal coach, Gillian finds teaching Pilates allows her to bring together all of her expertise and understanding from all her different branches of training and experience. Her classes have a strong emphasis on technique and alignment, and she aims to empower students to challenge their abilities while helping them learn how to work their body safely and effectively.

Fun Fact : Gillian continues to perform professionally as a member of a group called The Gatsby Girls, specialising in 1920s and vintage dance styles.

Hatha Yoga Open

Salvo Headshot.JPG

Hot Yoga Flow | Hot Lunchtime Flow Yoga | Hatha Yoga 

Salvo Santagata

Salvo started his yoga journey back in Italy when he was 17 years old. Since then, yoga has become a fundamental part of his life and after moving to London in 2014, he continued to practice yoga until the day he decided to complete his first 200h in London under the supervision of Senior Teacher Hassan Hassan (Coordinator of Breeze Yoga).


During Salvo’s classes you will be guided through a series of postures which include standing, back bending, forward bending, balancing, twists and inversions which will help your body feel stronger and your mind be present in the moment. Salvo’s teaching technique is very inclusive. He will be providing you with clear instructions every step of the way to get in and out of each pose safely, and provide tailored support for beginners up to advanced students.


Fun Fact: Salvo loves Japan so much that he named his Boston terrier Tokyo.

Hatha Yoga Open

Emma bunn 1.jpg

Restorative Yoga | Yin Yoga

Emma Bunn

Emma is a yoga and mindfulness teacher with a passion for sharing movement and meditation as practices to support mental health. 


She discovered yoga and movement practices as a child growing up in a family where camping at holistic festivals every summer holiday was the norm, but she didn’t really discover it’s full depth and transformative powers until much later in life, after grief and physical injury called her back to the mat.


Emma completed her 200hr training in Hatha yoga in Mysore, India. Since completing her initial training in 2015 she has gone on to complete more than 400hrs in further training and independent study in yoga and meditation; svadhyaya (self study) being one of the eight limbs of Yoga closest to her heart.


Emma trained in restorative yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater in 2018, and is a listed Relax & Renew certified teacher. However, her greatest teacher is her daughter Miri. Emma facilitates a trauma-informed space, students can expect an inviting, non-judgemental practice and a safe place to reconnect and rest.


Fun fact: Emma is totally into Sci-Fi movies and RuPauls Drag Race

Hatha Yoga Open

Sam magee.JPG

Hot Yoga (26/2) 

Sam Magee

After many years of working in the fashion industry as a fashion stylist and agent, Sam suffered chronic fatigue brought on by stress. She had always been active and healthy so was looking for natural ways to heal herself and started practising different styles of yoga before beginning to practice Bikram in 2001.

 She graduated from the Bikram Teacher Training in 2003 and has been a full-time teacher since. Not only does she teach Bikram but has gone on to train and teach children, pre/postnatal, vinyasa and floating yoga. She is an advanced practitioner and leads BYL’s advanced class on Saturdays.

She spent two years living and teaching in Singapore and loved the experience but missed her London yoga community. We’re lucky to have the benefits of her experience, along with the insight and dedication to our students.

Sam has written and had published “Pregnancy Yoga” and “Yoga Made Easy” books and has been a regular contributor to Yoga Magazine. She also runs Bikram Yoga retreats in Spain and Portugal.

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