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Chakra Flow with Dirish Shaktidas

Chakra Flow with Dirish Shaktidas
Saturday 15th February 2-4 pm, in the Traditional Studio.

Yin & Yang Yoga will invite you to flow through and hold standing and long seated postures while relaxing your muscles lending to the opening of the deep connective tissues of the hips, spine and shoulders. Yin is an introspective and passive yoga practice offering an opportunity to bring peace and harmony to busy lives and active yoga practices. Yang is the active Flow of moving the bodybuilding heat in the body to eliminate toxins, tone and enliven your being.

Chakras are subtle centres in the brain and spine that regulate the physical, emotional and psychic flows of energy through the body. The premise of Yoga is that these energies are brought into one’s awareness then the mind is calmed and the authentic Self revealed. You will learn the Chakras physical location, organs they control, emotions they express, and mental characteristics they embody along with with the how and whys of Chakra meditation.

Through this combination of Yin & Yang Yoga, explored with the Chakras, ‘Chakra Flow’ you will learn the locations of each chakra, the colours, sounds, and how you can activate each one through the Asanas (postures).

This workshop is open to all levels, and have some experience in yoga practice.

Dirish is a London based yoga teacher immersed in the world of holistic healing. Internationally trained by world-renowned teachers he has been practising yoga and meditation for 10 years. Having grown up within a Hindu household with sacred mantras, Dirish combines his deep knowledge of movement, mindful meditation and sound. With his unique blend of Yoga, Shakti Dance and Eastern Philosophy he creates an inspiring, dynamic and elevating setting.

£25 Early Bird/£30 Late Bird after 1st February