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Mudras & Mantras with Susan Smith

Mudras & Mantras with Susan Smith

Friday 18th October 19.00-21.00pm in the Traditional Studio

Spend a couple of hours finding your voice with Sue’s Mantra and Mudra workshop. There are many fascinating aspects to yoga and mudra’s and mantra’s are no exception. Students are often stunned to discover the power of mudra and their ability to increase and direct energy. This coupled with the healing vibrations of mantra makes for a powerful dynamic shift in the voice and physiology.

What you’ll learn

• Understand how Mudras work, why and when we might use them

• Discover how Mantra can create energy shifts in your body • Learn how to use Mantra to calm the mind and soothe your body

• Appreciate how mantra can connect you spiritually.

• Find out how to apply Mudras to enhance Mantra.

At the end of this workshop you’ll feel chilled out, exhilarated full of energy and zest!

Benefits: Mantra reduces stress Increases inner peace Calms the mind. Relaxes the body Can lower blood pressure & cholesterol Can regulate poor sleep patterns Can reduce anxiety Increase productivity.


This is what other people are saying :

“The chanting was super relaxing, and I found out that I could actually be quite tuneful. I can highly recommend this.”


I always leave her sessions feeling so positive, a combination of energised and relaxed and that all is right with world… the chanting was especially moving for me.