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5 Rhythms With Ajay Rajani

5 Rhythms With Ajay Rajani

Sunday 10th November 2:00-4:00pm in the traditional studio.

When we move our body and connect with our breath we start to feel what’s truly here in us, around us and through us. We begin to receive the wisdom of the body and become whole again - we become who we are with whatever we bring. We will use the 5 Rhythms Wave - using the rhythms of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness to find new ways of being ourselves, with another and in a group. Hope you can join us and come dance!

Ajay Rajani is an accredited teacher of the 5 Rhythms. His spiritual journey began over a decade ago with a strong practice of seated meditation and this continues to inform his 5 Rhythms teaching where he inspires embodying the moment and allowing your body to be your greatest teacher.


(If booking more than one person please call reception on 0208 658 1990, do not book via the website for multiple bookings as they will not appear on the register)