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Astro Gong Workshop

Astro Gong with Mark Swan & Zoe Hind

Sunday 6th July 14:00-16:00pm in the Traditional studio

In this unique and deeply healing workshop, we will be immersing ourselves in the energies of the most powerful planets in our current skies. With a series of immersive gong baths & astrology discussions, Mark and Zoe will take you on a journey across the next three months to tune into & harness the potential of how we can apply this ancient wisdom in our modern lives. Going in and coming out of our inner landscape expect insights and revelations and the answers to some of life’s big questions.

At this workshop you will hear astrological insights into what is going to happen over the next three months and then bathe in the planetary equivalent Gongs. It’s a fantastic mixture of knowledge and information and sacred Gong sound. It's the best way to understand what’s happening in the Stars.