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Hands on Assist Part II with Meriel Angharad

Hands on Assists Part II With Meriel Angharad 

Sunday 23rd June 13.30-16.30pm in the Traditional Studio 


Following on from the first workshop where we focused on the physical aspect of assisting students we will now journey into the deeper layers, focusing more on the energetic aspect of teaching and assisting.

During this workshop for teachers and trainees we will reconnect back into our innate wisdom around sensing and “seeing” energy and how we can apply this to our teaching practice. Learning how to hold group and individual space and becoming confident in assisting students energetically. We will also focus on our own energy with regards to self-care and management.

This is a stand-alone workshop and therefore attendance to the first workshop is not necessary.

£35 Early bird

£40 after 9th June 

(Suited to Yoga Teachers only or those on Yoga Teacher training.)