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Yin & Massage Workshop with Hassan Hassan & Meriel Angharad.

Yin & Massage workshop with Hassan Hassan & Meriel Angharad.

Sunday 24th November 14.00-16.30pm in the Traditional Studio. 

A two-hour and half workshop that is a combination of Yin Yoga (where positions are held for long periods of time to work deeply into the muscles) and massage therapy. The way it works is that the massage therapist will work on each person in the workshop while they are in a yoga pose which allows them to get deeper into the muscle group they are working on in the pose. This combination releases the energy stored deep within the connective tissues of the spine, hips and shoulders and creates space for deeper breath and a quieter mind.

The workshop will be taught by Meriel & Hassan, both Vinyasa and Yin yoga teachers as well as massage therapists. Beginning with cleansing breath exercises to ground and open up followed a 2. 5 hour yin class, while 2 pairs of healing hands will wander the room and massage you during the postures.

 Space is limited to 25 spots. Scented oil will be used at the end of class if you choose.

£40 Early bird

£45 after 10th June  

Future dates 

Sunday 26th January 2020 14.00pm-16.30pm 

£40 Early bird

£45 after 12th January

(If booking more than one person please call reception on 0208 658 1990, do not book via the website for multiple bookings as they will not appear on the register)