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Rest in Sound with Adrianna Zaccardi & Junior Valentine 

Rest in Sound with Adrianna Zaccardi & Junior Valentine 

Saturday 27th April 14:00-16: 00 pm in the Traditional studio 

Join Adrianna,  Restorative Yoga teacher, and Gong Master Junior Valentine for this healing workshop - Rest in Sound.

With a combination of restorative yoga poses and sound healing through the use of gongs, drum, rain sticks, bowls, chimes and much more, Adrianna and Junior will create a safe, comfortable and held space for you to ultimately be with your truest state.

The various instruments are used as soothing and relaxing vibrational tools that create a sound massage for the mind, body and soul. A Sound Bath literally ‘washes’ the recipient with a tsunami of sound and vibrations permitting a profound relaxation to take place. The healing effects of sound vibrations on the human body are scientifically proven, but nonetheless mysterious.

Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic practice that involves the use of props and the support of the earth to allow the nervous system to move into a state of rest and digest, bringing calm and relaxation to the mind and body.


This is an experience not to be missed.

£30 Early bird

£35 after 13th April 

(If booking more than one person please call reception on 0208 658 1990, do not book via the website for multiple bookings as they will not appear on the register)