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Fascial Freedom with Katie Furness

Saturday 17th November 2:30-5:30pm in the traditional studio

Delve inside during this 3-hour workshop to explore the fascinating world of fascia

Fascia, also known as extracellular matrix is our architectural fabric that holds us together at the
same time as holding us apart. It is our largest sensory organ, weighing approximately 25Kg, fascia
resembles a wet three-dimensional spiderweb. providing a means of body wide communication.

Bio-tensegrity is the name given to a new paradigm that reveals a more complete picture of how
the body moves allowing for whole body strain distribution. Gaining insight into our architecture,
transforms our understanding of how the living body moves on and off the mat, enriching our
movement and experience. We no longer think of muscles moving bones and bones acting as
levers, theories prevalent for hundreds of years. Our bones are now considered to be suspended in
our fascia in a tension compression system, much like a balloon filled with water.

We will embody our theory through Asana practice, sensing how the ground is part of our pose,
our elasticity and stability, our openness and closedness, our sthirum, sukham, our wholeness
which is Yoga.

All notes will be provided

Katie Furness ~BSc(Hons) Chiro, MMCA
Katie’s yoga journey began over 20 years ago, her main premise is ‘movement is life’ which she developed
with her Master Sawatchi Yasukim in Thailand


Based in London she has 17 years’ clinical experience treating children and adults. She takes an eclectic and
holistic approach to health and well-being using a range of practices in addition to Yoga and Pilates. These
include Chiropractic McTimoney Techniques, Therapeutic Bodywork, Sports Massage, Medical Acupuncture,
Kineseology, Healing and most recently Live Blood Analysis.
Katie lectures Anatomy and Physiology to manual and movement therapists world-wide.£33

£35 for early bird tickets purchased before 3rd November
£40 for late bird tickets purchased after 3rd November

(£30 special price for Yoga Teachers)



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