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New Year, Fresh Focus: Yin Yoga & Astrology with Dirish Shaktidas

Saturday 16th February 2:00-4:00pm in the traditional studio

New Year, Fresh Focus: Yin Yoga & Astrology traditional studio

Start the year with clarity and focus. The Zodiac runs through our body from head (Aries) to

toe (Pisces). Each of us has our own unique body Zodiac. We all store stress in different places.

In this reconnective yin yoga workshop we will be working through the signs of the zodiac.
Exploring how they relate to the organs and parts of our body with yoga poses for each.
Discover which organs and parts of our body which may need strengthening.

We can also benefit from and apply this knowledge as we travel through each sign on our
journey around a solar year by understanding the current astrological energies and how to
work with them to deepen our practice and live in harmony with the natural calendar.
To complete you will be guided through astrological sound gong meditation.

Open to all levels

“I combine my knowledge of movement, meditation and sound, to teach the art of yoga.
My commitment is empowering others to express themselves and release blocks through a
unique blend of Shakti Dance, Yoga and Integrative Quantum Medicine.
My intention is to elevate individuals through my deep experience and knowledge of Eastern
philosophy complimented by creating fresh and dynamic classes”
Internationally trained and accredited by world renowned teachers and with more than 10
years experience, Dirish leads highly acclaimed retreats in stunning locations including India,
Bali and Greece. His work has received a positive reception, described as trendsetting,
rejuvenating, and contemporary.




(if booking more than one person please call reception for multiple bookings)