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Radiant Body Re-boost with Dirish Shaktidas

Sunday 28th July 2-4pm in the traditional studio

Tuning Your Chakras, with Yoga, Sound and Scent.

The Chakra System is an ancient map detailing the 7 primary energy centres and the 5 elements of the body-mind-spirit. Doterra Essential oils are used to heighten the yoga experience. The oils are integrated into each section of the workshop and will stimulate each chakra energy centre, with the intention to ground, uplift, balance and relax the body mind and soul.

Expect yin, pranayama, sound and guided meditation that will bring your body, mind and soul back into balance. The workshop will ground you, lift you up and chill you out, while assisting you in aligning positive clear focus within your chakras. A focus on hips and spinal twists to ground, detoxify and invigorate the body and mind all to remain in flow with freshness and glow.

We will wind down with a deep relaxation and meditation to solidify the whole experience.


£25 Per Person