Dharma Yoga Workshop with Ellie Steel

Dharma Yoga Workshop with Ellie Steel

Saturday 29th July 1-3pm in the traditional studio

During this dynamic and playful 2hr workshop Ellie will take you on a yoga journey guiding you through a full Dharma Yoga practice. Opening with pranayama and meditation to quiet the mind and connect with your breath, followed by a physical practice which will energise and inspire and aim to open up your whole body by combining and weaving together poses from Dharma yoga including gentle backbends, balances, twists and an exploration into the beginnings of inversions.

The sequence will be a light hearted dynamic flow with the intention of opening up the shoulders, heart, hips and hamstrings with some of the poses being held to allow for a deeper opening up of the body. There will be variations for many of the poses to make the practice accessible to all levels. The class will be brought to a close with a grounding meditation and restful savasana leaving you feeling energised and revitalised.

During this workshop Ellie hopes to share with you the essence of the Dharma yoga teachings and give you an introduction into the Dharma yoga style.

About Ellie

Ellie developed a deep self- practice and love of yoga in 1996 whilst travelling around India and began teaching in 2006.

She believes that yoga is a constant journey of learning; Ellie has teaching qualifications in Rocket yoga, Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga as well as a 500hr advanced teaching qualification in Dharma yoga, she is also trained in sports therapy.

Ellie's life is practice and practice is her life and it is her sincere wish to spread the teachings both physically and spiritually that she has attained over the years to help improve the lives of others.

£20 for early bird tickets purchased before 25th July
£30 for tickets purchased after 25th July