Forward and Back-bending Workshop with Salema Veliu

Forward and Back-bending Workshop with Salema Veliu

Saturday 6th May, 2:30-4:30pm in the traditional studio

Vinyasa open-level, meditation, psychology, neuroscience and discussion.

Join Salema to explore and reflect on the science and practice of yoga through Eastern psychology and Western science.

In Eastern psychology, specific yoga poses are said to represent certain psychology and philosophy. For example, forward bends are said to represent the past whilst back bends represent the future. Sometimes in forward bending we can be confronted with difficult or painful memories and emotions. However, in order to move forward we first have to accept and process the past by bringing it into the present before we can truly move forward.

Learn about the associated brain areas that are responsible for the mechanisms of attention regulation, body awareness, emotional regulation and change in perspective of the self. You will move through a sequence focusing on forward and back bends with longer holds to challenge the brain, mind and ego.

Salema has been teaching yoga and meditation for 15 years around the globe. A Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer with the Yoga Alliance she is based at the Tri Yoga Centres in London and Cam Yoga in Cambridge. Salema studied Coaching and Psychology at the University of Cambridge and is now completing her second undergraduate in Cognitive Psychology and Science. She presents at various conferences including The Yoga Show and Mind Body Spirit Festival. Salema has just released her first DVD Vinyasa Yoga and Positive Psychology on

£25 for early bird tickets purchased until 2nd May
£30 for tickets purchased after 2nd May