Mantra Meditation Workshop with Puneet Dixit

Mantra Meditation Workshop with Puneet Dixit

Saturday 11th November 2.30-4.30pm in the traditional studio

Following Puneet’s sell out Chakra Meditation workshop at Breeze in September, he returns to present this insightful and inspirational workshop in which you will learn the unique effectiveness and power of Mantra Meditation.

You will learn the meaning of meditation and cover topics such as:

  • How to enter into a tranquil state of mind consistently
  • What Mantras are and the science behind them
  • How to chant the mantras correctly to increase their effectiveness

The benefits of meditation are many fold including: 

  • Achieving a deep level of relaxation and connection with your Inner being, tapping into your own inner wisdom
  • Enhanced levels of energy to deal with life’s challenges
  • Improving your ability to manage stress and increase positivity
  • Enhanced creativity and improved decision making
  • Unburdening of negative emotions and feelings
  • Increased sense of inner peace, balance and harmony in your life

About Puneet

Puneet Dixit is an award winning author, meditation teacher and a life coach. He studied Yoga and Vedanta since early childhood, taught by his Grandmother who was a Vedic and Sanskrit scholar.  Puneet specialises in teaching people how to connect with and live in line with their higher selves.  With a background in spirituality and a degree in Engineering and MBA, Puneet has a deep insight into the challenges that we all face in the fast paced, highly pressured modern lives we not only lead, but have come to accept as normal.  Put quite simply, Puneet is on a mission to spread happiness, success, abundance and unconditional love in the lives of those who attend his workshop.


"I will recommend Puneet and his meditation techniques to everyone who wants to improve their energy levels and concentration and reduce their stress."
-Kam Dovedi CEO Premier Portfolio Builder, London
"A fabulous resource for those who want to learn how to make their energy work for them rather than against them."
-John Lee Co-Founder Wealth Dragons

£35 for early bird tickets purchased before 3rd November
£40 for tickets purchased after 3rd November