Breath Yoga: A Series of Three Workshops with Mark Swan

Breath Yoga: A Series of Three Powerful and Transformative Workshops with Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Internationally Renowned Gong Master Mark Swan

“If you are wondering where Nirvana is or what a Kundalini Rising is, then maybe you should try these two and a half thousand year old Yogic process, and experience this for yourself”

These powerful and transformative workshops provide an incredible launch pad not only to 2018, but could transform your entire future life.

Workshop 1:  An Introduction to Breath Yoga (Engaging with the Lungs)

Friday 5th January 7.30-9.00pm

This workshop will instil the foundations of Breath Yoga, bringing you safely forwards to unique and powerful transpersonal spaces. Yogic breath can help purification and deep change on a mental and physical level, whilst promoting a strong sense of inner peace, balance and tranquillity. 

£25 per workshop


Workshop 2:  Breath Yoga – Purification (Burning out the Outdated and Unwanted)

Friday 19th January 7.30-9.00pm

This workshop will focus on purifying the mind and body through ancient Yogic breathing techniques.  Changing our base emotions to higher ones was the work of Alchemists, Seers, Yogis and Shamans for centuries before.  Using these techniques, you will have the opportunity to move through old layers that no longer serve you, burning off outdated, redundant physical and emotional patterns.

£25 per workshop


Workshop 3:  Breath Yoga - Rebirthing (Holotropic Breathing)

Friday 2nd February 7.30-9.00pm

In this final workshop you will revisit the rigors of your own birth through the dynamic of Holotripic Breathing.  Birth is one of our most powerful life events, yet any associated trauma can be long lasting as we live with that underlying seismic echo throughout our lives, which can impact our emotional and physical health.  Holotropic Breath (re-birthing breath) revisits that eventful birth and overlays it synergistically and consciously.   Guided into this deeply healing space, Mark will facilitate this “one time” healing breath experience which could change your life forever. 

£25 per workshop


Breath Yoga is as powerful as you want it to be – change on a cellular level is possible – all you have to do is want it!

These workshops are open to all levels of experience.  It is not necessary to attend all three workshops, however we strongly recommend this to ensure optimum experience and benefits.

In order to benefit fully we recommend you do not eat for at least 3 hours before the workshop.