Family Yoga Workshop with Tanya Adolpho

Family Yoga Workshop with Tanya Adolpho

Sunday 18th June 2.30-3.30pm in the traditional studio

The benefits of practicing yoga for children are many fold, including giving children the opportunity to build strength to support the skeletal system as they develop and grow.  Yoga practice also improves attention span and concentration levels, enabling restful sleep patterns, whilst bringing about a sense of calm and confidence as children cope with the many challenges associated with their physical and emotional development.

The initial challenge for some parents/carers however, is getting their child to try a class in the first place! With this in mind, we have created an opportunity for you to come along and enjoy a class together, so that both you and your child will experience and explore the magic of yoga together.

You and your child will bring traditional yoga poses alive through creative games, as well as learning how to link poses together, providing you with fun and interactive ideas for light hearted practice together at home too!

This is a chance for you to connect together and experience the wonderful benefits of yoga, helping to instil in your child vital skills to cope with life in a healthy, happy, calm and vibrant way – it’s never too early to start!

For children 4-11 years with a parent/guardian.

£5 per parent/guardian, £3 per child

Call us at Reception on 020 8658 1990 to book