Yoga Retreat in Fethiye, Turkey

Yoga Retreat in Turkey with Hassan

21st - 28th August 2017
Lazy Lizard, Fethiye, Turkey

Yoga retreats are an excellent way to wind down, relax and shake off everyday stresses. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or first time yogi we will have class that suit your level.

It's my 4th year visiting this wonderful boutique hotel which we have to ourselves. The venue is located up in the Faralya region, it's a bit of a climb up there but once there we are surrounded by beautiful views and fresh air. Its a perfect location for a yoga retreat, the Lazy Lizard boutique hotel is run by a lovely couple and is very well equip with plenty of mats, blocks, blankets and straps so giving us scope to do a variety of classes. The food is always freshly prepared mostly from their land and there is bottled water available free of charge. More information and pictures through link below.

Yoga classes will be mainly Vinyasa with Bikram, Ashtanga and Yin too, aswell as a posture clinic and partner stretching. Mornings will be more energetic classes and we will do more restorative stuff in the evenings to really help you to wind down from London. Aside from doing yoga twice a day we have the option to rest by the pool, use the hammam, play pool, have a massage, walk to the beach, take a boat trip or even go paragliding! The centre is very accommodating and will help you with any request.

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