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Beginners Yoga Courses

Beginners Yoga Courses

with Minica Beason

Participating in our short Beginners’ Yoga Course will give you the knowledge you need to get a great head start on your Yoga journey. You will learn the basics, the terminology, the adaptations you may require and which, of the many different styles of Yoga we offer, are most suitable to help you achieve your individual goals, whether they be to achieve flexibility, strength, balance, relieving stress, bringing about a greater sense of calm, or all of the above!

This course will enable you to, along with others, begin from the very beginning, and will hopefully give you the confidence to make regular Yoga practice an effective and enjoyable means of enhancing your life.

£50 for the 4 week course

Please note that each Beginners Course involves 4 separate sessions and to get maximum benefit from the course it is important that you attend all 4 sessions. In the event that you do not attend a session once booked, we regret that this is not refundable or transferable for other services at Breeze.

Call us at Reception on 020 8658 1990 or click below to book:

November course: 6th-27th
Tuesdays 6.30-7.30pm

New 2019 dates

Thursdays 8pm-9:15pm

January 10th -31st

February 7th 28th

March 7th-28th

Courses can also be booked online and by calling us
at Reception on 020 8658 1990