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Katy Broomfield

Katy comes from an arts background with an MA in fashion textiles - addition to this creative work she has always loved finding ways to express and enhance the body.

Katy undertook a BWY Hatha yoga course with Zoe Knott in 2004 and added Pregnancy & Postnatal, Couples Birth workshops, Certificate by Birthlight, & Meditation modules to further develop her learning.

She has been teaching for 12 years and specifically likes to work with the breath, linking postures in flow movements, building a safe practice and working with strength as well as developing the flexibility required to reach the more challenging postures.  Katy especially likes to add balances in her practice that allow the mind the opportunity to rest, as these balances require deeper levels of focus.  She believes that the journey is the most interesting aspect of practice and encourages students not to be overly attached to the end postures.

Katy teaches the following classes:

Thursday 9.30-10.45am Thai Yoga
Saturday 8.00-9.15am Hatha Yoga


Imir Frazer

A life-long interest in health & movement led Imir to begin practicing yoga in 2000. She has since studied consistently to deepen her understanding of anatomy, the eight limbs of yoga, and yoga philosophy as a way of life; exploring traditional yoga systems, particularly classical Ashtanga Yoga, Dynamic & Restorative Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Krama (the linking of postures together in sequence, building towards a key asana).  Imir’s teaching style is calm, light-hearted and friendly, her classes deep and challenging, accompanied by music. 

Following the tradition of ‘Guru Parampara’ (passing on the tradition of yoga in its pure form from teacher to student, generation to generation), Imir enjoys training with some of the world’s foremost senior teachers in Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Sequencing, Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Anatomy.  She took her initial 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training qualification in 2010, followed by a further qualification in Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 and 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in December 2017.  Imir teaches weekly scheduled group classes, one to one sessions, small private groups, retreats and is founder of the Parampara School of Yoga, teacher training and foundation studies.

“It is a privilege to share what I learn from my personal practice and studies with the wonderful individuals I meet, as together we are enriched by the transformative benefits of a consistent and life-long yoga practice. 

Good vibes and heartfelt gratitude.”                

Imir teaches the following classes:

Tuesday 6.30-8.00pm Vinyasa Flow
Wednesday 9-10.30am Ashtanga Yoga
Friday 9.30-11am Hot Yoga Flow 1
Friday 6.45-7.45pm Hot Yoga Flow 1
Sunday 9.45-11.15am Sun Power Yoga


Hassan Intac

Hassan was born in London, with Turkish Cypriot roots, and comes from a social services background – working with children in London in youth justice and children with additional needs. This work was very rewarding but also highlighted the importance for self-care. 

Hassan’s yoga adventure began in the gym, practicing hatha yoga, for a good stretch to escape the stress from working a challenging job.  Graduating to a more specialised hot yoga practice, Hassan felt profound changes in his life. Becoming a yoga teacher was a natural progression and a heartfelt decision for Hassan – he is grateful to be able to teach one of his great passions in life.

He now helps adults go upside down, twist, back-bend and forward bend – all in the name of health and personal development. Hassan has over 10 years of experience working with people on a personal level and has been teaching in America, Sweden, Norway, Turkey and all around the UK. He also assists on teacher trainings, yoga shows and holds his own retreats.

Hassan is a personal trainer, Bikram, Ashtanga and vinyasa teacher and is Yoga Alliance certified. His sessions are person centered, motivated and compassionate with a focus on technique and a little fun!

Hassan teaches the following classes:

Monday 9.30-11am Hot Yoga Flow 1
Wednesday 9.30-10.45am Hot Yoga Flow 1

Friday 11:15 - 12.45pm Hot Yoga
Saturday 9.15-10.30am Yin Yang Yoga
Saturday 11.15am-12.30 Hot Yoga Flow 1


Erin Fitzsimons

Erin found yoga 6 years ago when she began practicing hot yoga, which then opened the door to try many other styles including Anusara Yoga. She felt that this was the path she had been looking for, and decided to do what she loved - dedicate her life to improving the health and wellness of others.

Erin completed her Teacher Training with Bridget Woods-Kramer, a Senior Anusara Certified Instructor, in Ubud, Bali. She loves to travel and practice yoga all over the world, gaining from each new experience, and sharing those experiences with her students.

Anusara Yoga focuses on body alignment, opening of the heart region, and Tantric philosophy. She really connects with the principles of Anusara, and uses those teachings when instructing students. She incorporates pranayama, meditation, and intention setting into her classes. She loves to see students connect with their practice in such a way that their everyday lives are more centered and full of richness.

Erin is also a Holistic Health Counsellor. She attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She believes in the Whole Foods Approach, and works with individuals and groups to reach health goals and higher levels of wellness. She believes that no one diet works for everyone, so she helps clients listen to what their bodies are telling them, experiment with new foods, make lasting lifestyle changes, and approach food in new and exciting ways. Her specialty is working with individuals with sugar dependency and addiction.

She recently moved to London in May of this year from the United States, to start a new life with her husband. She is very excited to share her passion of Yoga and Holistic Health at Breeze.

Erin teaches the following class:

Tuesday 11.15-12.30pm Hot Yoga Flow 1

Tuesday 20:15 -21.30pmHot Hatha Open

Thursday 9.30-10.45am Hot Yoga Flow 2

Thursday 10.45am-12 Yin Yang Yoga

Sunday 11:15-12.45pm Hot flow Open

Sunday 13:15-14:15pm Restorative


Domini Winter

Domini has worked extensively in television, film and theatre as a dancer/choreographer, and director. She has a wealth of experience and has been teaching Pilates for many years. She went to a Russian school of ballet and unfortunately grew too tall to join the Bolshoi Ballet Company, so she started off her dancing career at the Paris Lido (a Bluebell dancer) and went on to Sunday Night at the London Palladium (if anyone can remember that show!) and many more light entertainment shows followed.

Pilates seemed to be a natural progression from dance for Domini. It is so beneficial to everyone, and makes you very aware of your body and posture. She has presented Pilates in Europe, Australia and Mexico.

Domini teaches the following classes:

Thursday 12:15-13:15pm Pilates
Thursday 13:15-14:15pm Senior Pilates


Dan Davis

Dan has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years both as a personal trainer and as an instructor of group exercise classes, teaching a wide age range of participants.

Teaching classes had taken it’s toll on his body and he began practicing Pilates to help with his general aches, pains and alignment.  After experiencing the beneficial results first hand, he decided to train as a Pilates instructor in 2011.

Dan has continued to build on his training by qualifying as an Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) instructor, he enjoys teaching both AIS and Pilates classes and uses this knowledge and know how with his personal training clients.

Dan brings a huge element of fun and enjoyment to his Pilates classes through his charismatic personality and and energetic approach.

Dan teaches the following classes:

Monday 9.15-10.15am Pilates
Monday 5.15-6.15pm Pilates
Monday 8-9pm Pilates
Saturday 1.00-2.15pm Hot Pilates