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Mariana is a level 3 Body Control Pilates teacher based in London. Her classes focus on aiding each person to develop a mindful, safe and effective workout. Her passion for movement, dance and somatic techniques is highly incorporated in her lessons and her generous and calm approach inspire clients of all walks of life to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Mariana's class have a steady pace, with great attention to details. She takes pride in helping people to be confident and has a joyful experience whilst introducing challenging exercises progressively.

Besides teaching Pilates, Mariana is an experienced professional dancer born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She trained at London Contemporary Dance School and has been working with a wide range of companies and choreographers across the UK and abroad. Mariana first experienced Pilates during an ACL knee injury rehabilitation in 2008 and worked not only to recover from surgery but also to enhance her dance technique and performance skills. Since then, Pilates became a regular practice that has enabled her to have a 10-year professional contemporary dance career.

Mariana teaches the following class:

Tuesday 10:00-11:00am Pilates