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Hannah’s love of people from all walks of life has took her to teach in London’s most toughest prisons weekly and at the other end of the spectrum is invited over to the royal college of physicians in London 5 times a year to do workshops with the physicians, educating them on how Yoga can benefit people with many physical and mental challenges. Hannah has a strong spiritual and intuitive nature but a very sporting and anatomy focussed background and interest. 

Her main “style” of yoga would be a combination of functional movement drills with isometric holds and smooth flows to condition the body and open up energy channels and chakras. Functional movements which compliment everyday life, on and off the mat. She has a big focus on mindfulness and breath work to finely tune and balance the nervous system and quieten the mind. Resulting in a blissful and beyond relaxing savasana. Prepare to feel gently challenged but nurtured.