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Wai-Ling Man

Wai-Ling’s teaching practice draws on her Chinese Buddhist heritage and a simple desire to improve the lives of others.

Originally trained in Thai Yoga, a flowing Yin style principally aimed at increasing flexibility and opening up the body, Wai-Ling has further developed her teaching practice by training in Akhanda Yoga; a holistic style based on Hatha that draws upon the rich diversity of the yoga tradition. With the addition of 150hours Rocket yoga adding another layer to her classes.  

Wai-Ling favours a tactile approach to teaching (she is trained in Indian Head Massage and Reiki Level 1), hands-on adjustments being a key component of her teaching style.

Wai-Ling's classes are inclusive and for all levels and are structured around a quiet spirituality and a sense of warmth and fun. She considers atmosphere, mood and music essential to practice.

Always seeking to challenge and support, Wai-Ling warmly welcomes the experienced and the inexperienced alike to her classes.

Wailing Man teaches the following classes:

Tuesday 5.15-6.15pm Hot Flow Yoga

Tuesday 6.30-8pm Hot Thai Yoga

Wednesday 8.15-9.30pm Hot Thai Yoga

Thursday 5:15-6.30pm Hot Thai Yoga