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Hsin Huang

Hsin Huang

Hsin is not only yoga a teacher but also a counsellor and Reiki Master. She had been practicing yoga in various styles on and off for 10 years until she met her yoga teacher Bridget Woods-Kramer, who inspired her to practice yoga in a different way and become a yoga teacher.

Breath and intention are very important elements in Hsin’s class because she believes the first thing yoga does for us is to purify our body and mind through the breath; intention is the true self- expression through the physical body.  She encourages her students to move their body mindfully, observing what is happening here and now. Through regular practice, students not only increase awareness but also move from body awareness to energy awareness.

Hsin is grateful to all her teachers. With her heart-oriented approach to yoga, combined with an understanding of alignment, pranayama, meditation and philosophy, Hsin’s hope is to inspire and empower students to remember the true teacher within.  

Hsin teaches the following class:

Tuesday 8-9.15pm Hatha Yoga (suitable for beginners)