Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards

Chris takes a very playful and inquisitive approach to class, drawing from a variety of disciplines that inform his own personal practice. During his time as a professional dance student, Chris developed an interest in experiential movement and physical problem solving. Upon graduating, Chris began applying these interests to physical and mental conditioning, creating the foundational research for Connected Flow.

His continued investigation into a variety disciplines, from yoga, somatics and meditation to contemporary dance and parkour, started off as a support network for his artistic projects but ultimately drove Chris towards developing his research further. Whilst taking a break from his artistic career, Connected Flow was established early 2016, as a vehicle for presenting his personal practice in a class setting. Having had a strong interest in teaching for many years, Chris has taught workshops for a variety of institutions both here in the UK and in Europe.

With a focus on attention to detail, coupled with a calm and playful manner, Chris' classes challenge participants whilst inviting them to truly explore and expand upon their own physical and mental experiences.

Chris teaches the following class:

Saturday 12.45-2pm Connected Flow

And runs monthly Connected Flow workshops, click here for the full details