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Susan Smith

After a series of illnesses resulting in collapsed lungs Susan embarked on a journey of healing that eventually led her to teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga - a five year course that extensively covers anatomy and physiology, philosophy and pranyama (loosely known as breath control).

Susan particularly enjoys teaching newcomers and 3rd age generation adults.  She says ‘I love working with beginners it’s really rewarding to watch people grow as they develop confidence working in the postures. It’s a real pleasure to witness people finding inner peace as they learn the art of relaxation. Over time I watch people change shape, develop strength, flexibility and an inner radiance’.

Susan’s style is gentle, yet challenging and she draws on her work as a Psychotherapist to incorporate stress management tools and techniques into her classes, encouraging students to take control of their minds, emotions and bodies.

As a teacher of over 15 years Susan feels she is still learning and growing and regularly attends other classes and workshops to develop her knowledge, attitude and skills.

In the early nineties Susan trained with the Brahma Kumaris (Raj yoga ) and has been teaching meditation ever since. Sue has also qualified as a Reiki Master in the Usui Method.

Sue teaches the following class:

Monday 10.15-11.30am Hatha Yoga (Currently on leave )