Ozlem Dogan

Ozlem’s journey into yoga began when she practiced her very first hot yoga class in London. This discovery encouraged her to explore other styles of yoga. After several years of regular practice she embarked on the teacher-training program with Fierce Grace Yoga led by Michele Pernetta, who continues to inspire her. In addition to this she is also a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher, having completed the course in Rishikesh, India, under the guidance of Dr Jintendra Das. 

Ozlem, encourages her students to listen to their bodies with focus on breathing and alignment; her classes are calm, friendly and suitable for practitioners of all levels.

She continues to embrace the healing powers of yoga and likes to spread the notion that yoga is not merely about touching your toes but about rehabilitating and being kind to yourself and others. Ozlem believes yoga  is about letting go, slowing down and recognizing beauty in simple things. 

Ozlem teaches the following class:

Sunday 5-6.30pm Hot Yoga Flow 2 (candlelit)