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Meriel Angharad

Meriel has been studying yoga for over 13 years.  Initially coming to yoga for a need to stretch after working out at the gym, she soon discovered the depth to yoga and the initial physical benefits were overtaken with immense psychological and spiritual benefits.  Not only did she calm down, learn to breathe properly and release anxiety but also found a great sense of self acceptance.

For 12 years Meriel also studied extensively Body Psychotherapy as part of her own self development in life and is now working with Shamanic principles, all of which has given her a deep understanding of the energy body.  Meriel believes we can hold onto emotional trauma, resulting in stagnant energy, reflecting into the physical body as tightness and unease, mindful of this, her knowledge is incorporated into her class and Meriel enjoys taking students on a therapeutic journey deep into their bodies.

Meriel teaches a wide range of styles ranging from an intense Vinyasa flow to a very deep guided meditation Yin class.  What is always apparent is her understanding of not only the physical but also the energy body, encouraging students to breathe into themselves, explore what is being held in their bodies and to then release.  Meriel sees yoga as a way to heal, to let go and to come into a place of acceptance.  The class space is always held and respected as a place for healing and Meriel encourages students to self enquire whilst in this space.  Using hands on assists to help students move deeper into their process is key to her teaching style. She looks forward to seeing you on the mat.

Meriel teaches the following class:

Monday 6.30-8pm Forrest Yoga
Tuesday 11.15am-12.30 Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Tuesday 12.45-1.45pm Energy Healing
Wednesday 11-12.30pm Hot Forrest Yoga
Thursday 7.45-9pm Restorative Yoga
Sunday 11.30-1pm Hatha Yoga