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Katy Broomfield

Katy comes from an arts background with an MA in fashion textiles - addition to this creative work she has always loved finding ways to express and enhance the body.

Katy undertook a BWY Hatha yoga course with Zoe Knott in 2004 and added Pregnancy & Postnatal, Couples Birth workshops, Certificate by Birthlight, & Meditation modules to further develop her learning.

She has been teaching for 12 years and specifically likes to work with the breath, linking postures in flow movements, building a safe practice and working with strength as well as developing the flexibility required to reach the more challenging postures.  Katy especially likes to add balances in her practice that allow the mind the opportunity to rest, as these balances require deeper levels of focus.  She believes that the journey is the most interesting aspect of practice and encourages students not to be overly attached to the end postures.

Katy teaches the following classes:

Thursday 9.30-10.45am Thai Yoga
Saturday 8.00-9.15am Hatha Yoga