Imir Frazer

Imir has been practicing yoga for over 15 years, consistently studying to deepen her understanding of anatomy, the eight limbs of yoga, and yoga as a way of life; exploring traditional yoga systems, particularly Ashtanga Yoga, Dynamic Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Krama (the linking of postures together in sequence, building towards a key asana).  Imir’s teaching style is calm and friendly, her classes deep and challenging, often accompanied by music. 

Following the tradition of ‘Guru Parampara’ (passing on the tradition of yoga in its pure form from generation to generation), Imir has sought to train with some of the world’s foremost senior teachers in Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Anatomy.  She took her initial Yoga Teacher Training qualification in 2009, followed by among others, a further qualification in Ashtanga Teacher Training in 2013.  Upon completion of her training programme in December 2017, Imir will have achieved the highest level of teaching qualification recognised by the Yoga Alliance.

“I feel privileged to share what I learn from my personal practice and my studies with the wonderful individuals I encounter, as we are enriched by the transformative benefits of a consistent and life-long yoga practice. 

Good vibes and heartfelt gratitude to my teachers, students, peers and colleagues - past, present and those I’m yet to meet…”                                 

Imir teaches the following classes:

Monday 2-3pm Senior Yoga
Wednesday 9-10.30am Ashtanga Yoga
Friday 9.30-11am Hot Yoga Flow 1
Friday 6.15-7.30pm Hot Yoga Flow 1 (Candlelit)
Sunday 9.45-11.15am Sun Power Yoga