Imir has been practicing yoga for over 10 years, studying and exploring Ashtanga, Dynamic Hatha and Vinyasa Krama. Her teaching style is calm and friendly and her classes deep, challenging and flowing, accompanied by music.

A lifelong enthusiasm for movement, dance, health and fitness led Imir to train in contemporary dance and in massage before becoming a yoga teacher, where her knowledge, experience and interests were joyfully united.  The movement, rhythm, strength and flexibility of dance, combined with focus on well-being, self-awareness and vitality of the mind, body and spirit as a whole has contributed to Imir’s unique style of teaching.

“I always aim to practice consciously, leading and assisting a strong and dynamic practice, with a focus towards safeguarding against injury, through encouraging correct posture, alignment and protection of the spine through the development of core muscles.”

Imir teaches the following classes:

Monday 2-3pm Senior Yoga
Wednesday 9-10.30am Ashtanga Yoga
Friday 9.30-11am Hot Yoga Flow 1
Friday 6.15-7.30pm Hot Yoga Flow 1 (Candlelit)
Sunday 10-11.30am Sun Power Yoga