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Kat Basquil


After having a love for all things creative, movement, music, art and yoga Kat decided to embark upon her yoga teacher training which set her on adventure of self-discovery which brought her to Bali in 2015 to embark on her 200hr Teacher Training with ‘Mathieu Boldron’ and ‘Annie au’.  After being inspired from training Kat headed back to the U.K to start her teaching journey and stepped straight into teaching. In 2017 Kat decided to embark on further training with ‘The Yoga people’ In Goa training in the styles of‘Mandala Vinyasa’ and ‘Yin Yoga’. Kat is also in a current ongoing mentoring program with ‘Naomi Absalom’ who is aiding her to delve deeper into her own nature magic and uniqueness. Kat is a dedicated yogi and is all things light and love a free loving moon child.

‘I was studying music when I fell into depression & was drawn to the mat. I left feeling profoundly ‘different’. Since then, yoga has been my anchor; it helps me observe my energy, grow & sparkle. I am playful, compassionate and soothing and channel these in my classes (vinyasa , mandala vinyasa & yin). I am inspired by the moon, wildflowers, Bob Dylan, Bjork & wild open hearts.’ -Kat Basquil

Kat teaches the following class:

Friday 19.45- 21:00pm - Hot Restorative yoga