David Michel

David was first introduced to yoga as part of his professional Dance training, experimenting with many different styles. In 2011 he qualified as a yoga instructor under the ‘It’s Yoga International’ Ashtanga Yoga system, taught by Jamie Blowers.  David began teaching immediately, full of passion, inspiration and enthusiasm to share his love of yoga. David’s classes are dynamic and playful with a natural flow, built to guide students towards more confidence, a stronger physicality and a more open and stress free mind. His contemporary interpretation of  traditional practice provides a high energy class which is accessible to all.

David has also completed Rocket Yoga Training in Thailand with ‘The Yoga People’. This system was created by Larry Shultz, designed to bring the fun of advanced poses to all levels. In his classes David, loves to introduce the Rocket Yoga philosophy of ‘flying’ in practice, effectively breaking down a variety of inversions of arm balances within the system.

David teaches the following class:

Tuesday 5-6.15pm Hot Dynamic Yoga