Charity Christmas Gifts - Candlelight Project @ St Christopher’s Hospice & Barnardo’s

Candlelight Project: Once again we are delighted to support the Candlelight Project at St Christopher’s Hospice. This charity provides bereavement counselling to children, young people and their families in the South East London area. Your gift will be sent directly to a child who has recently lost a parent.

Barnardo’s: Barnardo’s transforms the lives of the many vulnerable children across the UK. They deal with issues such as child poverty, sexual exploitation, disability and domestic violence. Your gift will either be used for the role play areas in their centres or will be given to a vulnerable child.

If you would like to buy a gift simply choose a tag from the tree and take it to reception

Candlelight Project: The tag will have the child’s age and gender. Simply buy and wrap your gift and firmly stick the tag on to it. Suggested spend is £10-15.

Barnardo’s: The tag will have a ‘B’ on it and the child’s gender and/or the gift they would like to receive. All you need to do is buy your gift and return in a gift bag with the tag firmly attached – there’s no need to wrap it. Suggested spend is £10-£15.

Gifts under the tree no later than Monday 7th December.

We thank you in advance for your generosity and for working together to spread some much needed Christmas cheer during the festive season.