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It’s commonly known that yoga is great for health, toning, flexibility, and helps us to feel calm too. There are countless more reasons to practice yoga regularly, and here are just 5 of the less publicized ways that practicing yoga in 2016 can enhance your life!


A healthy yoga practice encourages you to become more aware of parts of your body you may not have given attention to in many years, if ever!  Added to which, it encourages you to maintain a steady and consistent breath throughout the practice which requires another level of awareness altogether.  By practicing this way, we are becoming more aware during our time on the mat, whilst cultivating an ability to develop a more enhanced awareness when off the mat.  This can translate into other significant areas of our lives too as we begin to experience life more fully, with a heightened awareness and attention to things that really matter in life.


Do you ever look at a “pretzel like” yoga pose and think “are you kidding”!  Yoga postures were meant to be extraordinary and unusual, enabling us to break out of routine patterns of movement that keep us stuck.  We tend to “get good” at movements and postures we maintain regularly such as, slouched at our desks for example, or in contrast opening our chests during certain yoga postures.  If we keep repeating the same patterns, nothing changes. The unique nature of yoga postures is to “shake up” the subconscious patterns we are holding not only in our bodies but ultimately in our minds too!


Yoga involves weight bearing and strength building postures such as Downward Facing Dog, Plank, and standing poses such as Warrior 1 and 2.  Many newcomers to yoga are surprised that their biggest challenge is not their lack of flexibility, but lack of strength in the unique ways that yoga challenges you, unlike any other form of exercise, without putting undue stress on the body at the same time.


We can often feel anxious and stressed about meeting the responsibilities and challenges of our lives.  During tough times, we know its easy to turn to distraction activities that can “numb us out” through diversions such as television, shopping, alcohol and even drugs – anything to take our minds off what’s bugging us! Your practice can become a place of refuge, for you to gain awareness of, acknowledge and accept whilst staying fully present with them until their power dissipates, as opposed to avoiding them and allowing them to build power within us.   By doing so, we not only move the energy associated with these emotions through the body but develop stamina to stay with those feelings just long enough for them to loosen their grip on us!  Ultimately, your yoga mat becomes a place where you can learn to break through physical and emotional barriers that can hold you back from reaching your full potential.


Yoga attracts people that are open minded and seekers of ways to enhance physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, which is infinitely more appealing when compared to people who are either apathetic or prone to narrow-mindedness.  People from every walk of life land on the yoga mat, and one common thread shared is that we are interested in life, what we are doing here and now, and have a desire to grow and enhance life in a multitude of ways. Yoga classes are a great place to meet people you might not come across in the normal course of life.  If you stay open to it, your life can be truly enriched by yoga and yogis alike! 

On a practical note, if you try one class and are not quite sure, try another.  Persevere and experience different styles and different teachers. It may take a little while to find what truly resonates with you, but when you do, the journey begins, and you won’t regret it for a moment!



Why We’re Getting Grateful!

We’ve been stocking up at Breeze on some great clothing, merchandise and gifts.  We’ve searched the globe for “all things positive”, little things that lift the spirit, put a “smile on the dial” or provoke uplifting thoughts.  Our favourite new line is from US based Joyologist, a collection of incredible motivational prints, journals, affirmation decks and more, that both remind us of and reaffirm in us, our own unique power.  We also have the fabulous Superlovetees and Belove Apparel clothing lines, all of which bear uplifting and motivational messages like “Grateful Heart” and “Truth Rising”.  These are three of our best selling lines currently and it seems that we are all instantly drawn to all things uplifting these days, which prompted this blog on gratitude, and why it is just so essential to our own sense of well-being.

Feeling and expressing gratitude is, quite simply, one of the most powerful, transformative tools to create a state of joy, abundance and contentment in our daily lives.

During times of challenge, frustration and stress, no matter how great or how small, this simple technique can calm the mind, soften the heart and bring our focus back to “what is” rather than “what isn’t”. It's a simple case of recognizing any niggling negative thought patterns emerging, and digging into our own personal “well of gratitude”, to get the instant benefit of a positive and lasting shift in mood and perception. 

Practicing gratitude daily will rapidly become second nature and make for a happier, more tolerant, more robust and more contented you.  Here are a few simple steps to get the attitude of gratitude firmly rooted in your daily living…

Get Grateful - A Wake Up Call

Start the day positively.  Keep a journal right next to your bed.  Before you check your phone or leap out of bed in the morning, pick up a pen and paper and write just three things or people that you are grateful for in your life, more if you have time.  This starts your day on a bountiful and positive note – you’ve got a great head start already!  

Get Trigger Happy

Think of something that you do each day that will remind you to bring your thoughts back to gratitude, for example when you have a drink of water, or when you grab a bite to eat.  Use that trigger to mentally bring you back to focusing on what you have to be thankful for.  It can be anything, from experiences that day, to your health, to simply breathing, to your own abilities/character traits you have/people and situations in your life – when you start to really focus on gratitude you’ll be amazed how much material you have!

Pay it Forward

You know that feeling when someone pays a compliment, gives eye contact, notices something you’ve done and shows appreciation – so go ahead – make someone’s day!  It can be a friend, colleague, family member or a complete stranger.  You can shift someone’s whole perspective with one simple gesture – and like a chain reaction they might just pass it forward too.  Even more for you to feel good about!

Sleep Happy

Journaling is a highly effective way to end the day.  Get all your positives on paper and drift into a blissful sleep – it’s all good!


“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others”  Marcus Tillius Cicero







“I’m not flexible enough to do yoga”…. said most guys before trying…

It may be (for the time being) that there are typically a few more women than men in yoga classes, however there's a strong movement of guys not only trying yoga, but striving in many aspects - physically, mentally and emotionally both on and off the mat!

Here are a few reasons why…

Yoga keeps your body fit, strong and flexible. The one we hear all the time from guys at Breeze is this “I'm not flexible enough to do yoga.” That’s like saying, “I'm not strong enough to lift weights.” Yoga poses are powerful and specifically designed to open and strengthen your body efficiently. The practice will make you more flexible, light and in many ways stronger than any other form of exercise – without wrecking your body at the same time, unlike many other physical pursuits! With patience and steady, consistent practice, you will become more open than you've ever imagined. You will tone and strengthen muscles that you didn't even know you had!

Yoga alleviates pain and injury. Many men initially come to yoga suffering from injuries and/or pain, particularly in the back, knees and joints. Yoga uses controlled movements, expert alignment, biomechanics and breath to open up your body efficiently while minimizing the risk of injury. Safety and good alignment are the absolute first priorities in an effective yoga practice - a good yoga practice demands that you do not push beyond what you are capable of doing safely. There's always a variation or modification to keep you safe while still progressing and challenging (and even changing) yourself throughout each class. Within the first month of a regular yoga routine, existing pain and injuries are often alleviated and beyond that, yoga will help take your health and wellbeing to an entirely new level.  So what starts with trying out yoga to alleviate an injury, can often result in a whole new way of living!

Yoga will give you a challenge that is as fun as it is rewarding. Many men say that practicing yoga is more of a workout than any they have experienced before, that it doesn’t exhaust them physically, but boosts and energizes them from a physical and mental perspective. Unlike many physical activities, you will learn how to challenge yourself without being competitive. Many men come from an athletic or business-minded background, where competition is rife - yoga teaches you to challenge yourself intelligently. Be warned:  learning and mastering new postures and noticing real progress can be addictive – in a good way!

Yoga will help improve diet, sleep and general overall health. Once you're feeling the physical benefits of your yoga practice, you naturally begin to shift your diet and sleeping patterns too. During a yoga class, you will notice your mind is so focused on what you're doing that it is impossible to think about your job, bills, life dramas or anything else. You find yourself fully “in the moment”, and that complete focus puts your mind at ease – it’s like a mini holiday every time you practice! Afterwards, you will feel grounded and relaxed. The combination of your body and mind feeling fantastic is a great recipe for life enhancement that will benefit not only you but those around you too!

Yoga improves your performance and relieves stress. The stresses of life are many fold – we all know this!  Yoga trains your mind to be grounded and calm, especially when caught up in the crossfire of stressful situations. Why would anyone want to put themselves in a challenging yoga pose, hold it and be asked to stay calm and breathe deeply? Well, quite simply because on the battlefield of life, you will be challenged far more than you will ever be on your yoga mat! However, by practicing to stay grounded in very uncomfortable situations, physically and otherwise, you train yourself to be at your best when it matters most.

Yoga is “the fountain of youth”.  In addition to all the physical, emotional and mental health benefits, a steady yoga practice will make you feel better and younger than you could have ever imagined.  Remember though that anything worth doing will take time and patience.  Yogis are young and old alike who want to better themselves and live more vibrantly, irrespective of factors such as age or ability. When you surround yourself with people who willfully open their bodies and minds, you become more youthful and open to trying new things.

It’s all about you! How often do you really do something that is just for you?  Well that’s what yoga practice is about, and it's the same for every other person in that class with you.  So you need never concern yourself with anyone watching, judging or comparing – everyone in that class is there to enhance themselves physically, emotionally and mentally, just like you!

Why keep up a Hot Yoga practice in Summer?

Summer is here, and you may be considering whether it makes sense to turn the heat up even more by walking into a hot yoga class.  You may be asking yourself if it makes sense or if you have the energy for it; others may be giving you that funny, “Have you lost your mind going to a hot yoga class in this heat” kind of look!

We all know how the endless benefits of a regular yoga practice keeps us fit and healthy of body and mind, so let’s not let the temperature outside get in the way of that.  If you are drawn to the hot room for your practice, remember it is the heat that has enabled you to get into those hard to reach places in the first place—not just physically but mentally, as you are challenged to new levels of focus, determination and concentration.

Most hot yoga devotees agree that far from being too hot to handle in the summer months, hot yoga during the summertime offers specific benefits and positive results that can give you a deeper edge on your practice and complement your practice through the cooler months. 

10 Great Reasons to Maintain an Active Hot Yoga Practice in the summertime:

  •  You’ll better handle the heat outside: Practicing hot yoga during the summer months can help you to handle season’s heat and humidity. Your body cools itself more efficiently and effectively through sweating.  If you practice often enough, you may notice that outside weather doesn’t feel as hot as it used to and that you don’t mind being outside as much when it’s sweltering.
  • You’ll take your practice deeper: Keeping up your practice is the key to maintaining all the headway you made during the winter. It’d be a shame to lose all that range of motion you worked so hard for! In fact, your muscles, joints and ligaments will already be nice and warm when you enter the studio, so it's likely you will find you’re more flexible and can go even deeper into the postures during the summer. Take advantage of the summer months to increase your joint flexibility, core strength and spinal mobility, making great gains in your practice.
  • You’ll encourage good habits:   Hot yoga encourages you to stay well hydrated and to replenish your electrolytes regularly. This can be a great benefit during the hot summer months. Warmer weather often means you have a lighter appetite, which can take your hot yoga practice to a new level by relieving you of that ‘full’ feeling and letting you go much deeper into the postures.
  • You’ll be in better shape for summer recreation: By adjusting to the heat in the yoga room, you’ll be in top-notch shape for any summer sports or outdoors activities you like to do. If you make time for your yoga practice, you may notice that you don’t mind the heat and have more endurance when you’re running, biking, hiking, or playing other sports outdoors. Building strength and flexibility through your practice for these activities will certainly help too.
  • You’ll energize your body and mind: Often the summer weather can leave us feeling a bit lethargic both mentally and physically. We’ve all had days when the heat makes us feel super-sleepy and we can’t be bothered exercising, yet we know that hot yoga helps energise both the body and mind and provides us with endless health benefits. 
  • You’ll surprise yourself: That relaxed ‘can’t-be-bothered’ attitude can transform into a relaxed and therefore enhanced practice. Can you remember a class when you came in expecting very little and walked out feeling amazing? The same sort of thing applies here.
  • You’ll detoxify more: If you sweat more during class, you’ll release more toxins. This is great for your internal organs and skin, just remember that with more sweating comes a greater risk of dehydration, so don’t forget to drink lots of water and have juicy fruits throughout the day.
  • You will stay toned throughout the summer: You’ll look great and feel more comfortable and confident all summer long!



Hydrate properly:  Proper hydration is extremely important for every physical activity but, due to the increased sweating in hot yoga, hydration is even more important.  Make sure you hydrate well before and after class.

  • Replenish electrolytes:  Electrolytes are salts and minerals, such as sodium, potassium, and calcium that may be lost from the body during periods of heavy sweating.  Symptoms of electrolyte deficiency include dizziness, headaches, cramping and fatigue.  Electrolytes are contained in most sports drinks, but drinks that are low in sugar, e.g. coconut water, are preferable and healthier.  A mixture of water, sea salt and lemon juice can also work to restore lost electrolytes.
  • Eat right:  As with any physical activity, you’ll want to make sure you’re eating right to help you perform at your best. While a snack or light meal an hour or so before working out is recommended (fruit, fruit juice, raw vegetables, or a small handful of almonds are all viable options), you might want to allow two hours between any snacks and four hours between any heavy meals and your yoga practice. The only thing worse than practicing with a belly full of water is practicing with a belly full of food! You’ll want to eat a snack or meal that contains both protein and carbohydrates within an hour of finishing your practice.
  • Listen to your body:  Only you know how far you can comfortably push your body. Listen to those signs that your body offers you. When our muscles are warm, it’s easier to stretch them, which means that suddenly body parts find it easier to reach one another—forehead to the knee, fingertips to the toes, foot behind your calf muscle. Move slowly and mindfully to a point where your muscles feel challenged, breathing all the while! Don’t feel the need to “keep going” in a pose if the intro level is enough of a stretch and challenge for you. Your yoga practice is yours and yours alone. Quiet the ego–that little voice that tells you to push harder when you know you could risk injury–and just breathe and enjoy being where you are "in the moment".
  • Dress for it:  Hot yoga is not the time to be modest. No one is there to judge you, and no one looks his or her best when dripping in sweat. Wear tight-fitting clothes, as looser garments trap heat. Vest tops are a great choice, as they allow for better range of motion and generally stay in place better than a T-shirt.   A moisture-absorbing headband is great for keeping sweat from dripping in your eyes - that’s a surefire way to break your concentration.
  • Invest in a Get a Grip Towel:  There’s nothing worse than trying to focus on a pose only to keep slipping because of all the sweat dripping off your body. Our Get a Grip towels can be laid over your mat while you practice.  The towels are made of microfibres that absorb moisture and become grippy when wet. The mats also have sticky silicone beads on them to prevent you from slipping during practice.
  • Take rest as needed. If you feel lightheaded, dizzy or otherwise ill at any point during the practice, take a break. sit down on your mat (keep your head above your heart), or if on the floor, rest in Savasana.

See you in the Hot Room!!!